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At Western Asset, Connie Fischer Succeeds by Listening

by Meredith Hunt

Connie Fischer hasn’t followed a traditional investment management career path. After high school, she briefly attended junior college to pursue pharmacy, but this pursuit failed to really capture her attention and imagination. It was only after someone recommended her to a…

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B-School Spotlights

Balancing MBA Admissions and Life: Insights from Carnegie Mellon MBA Graduate, Mable Thelakkaden

When pursuing an MBA degree, it can be challenging to balance the admissions process with other responsibilities in a prospective student’s life.  Learn more from MBA graduate, Mable Thelakkaden, who shares where her motivation came from to earn her MBA, as…

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Personal Finance

Five Ways to Make Your MBA More Affordable

by Marilena Botoulas, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Programs, Columbia Business School

As a financial aid professional, I often meet students with questions about how to best finance the MBA when it’s too late – AFTER they are already admitted.  If you are involved with Forté, however, it means you are already on…

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Latest Research

What Our Latest Research Reveals About the Post-MBA Pay Gap

by Alex Navarro

An MBA can boost the pay of women and minorities by 57% or higher in their first post-MBA job but does not eliminate the gender pay gap, particularly for underrepresented minority women, according to Forté’s latest research. Here’s the good news: you can increase the quality and quantity of job opportunities and experience greater career satisfaction by taking ownership of your journey.

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College Success

Navigating the Business World With the Support of A Career Ready Certificate

It can be confusing navigating the business world on your own, but with Forté’s Career Ready Certificate program, you can have access to all the support you want. When NYU Class of 2024 student, Prashi Joshi, heard about the certificate from…

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MBA Student

Forté Fellows Take A Stand Against Anti-LGBTQIAS+ Discrimination

by Meredith Hunt

With anti-LGBTQIAS+ legislation and discrimination on the rise, businesses and non-profit organizations are standing up in opposition to shine a light on these inequities. Meet three Forté Fellows who are also making a difference in the lives of LGBTQIAS+ MBA students and their allies.

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