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Women in Leadership Profiles

At ExxonMobil In Hungary, Jennifer Hibbert Adds Expat To Her Resume

Following her mother’s advice has led Jennifer to many unexpected rewards.

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MBA - About the MBA

Environmentalist Finds a Place in Business

by Sandie Taylor

Do you need an environmental law degree to support corporate social responsibility?

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Atulya Kumari

by Atulya Kumari

“As a first year MBA student at the University of Illinois, I have the opportunity to interact with highly motivated students from across the world exposing me to a global thought process.”

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College Student

The Women MBAs of the Fortune 100

by Julianne Perry

55% of female Fortune 100 CEOs earned their MBAs. Find out the background behind each of these successful women and how their MBA influenced their career path.

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Early Career

ExxonMobil: Empowering women entrepreneurs across Latin America, Caribbean

by ExxonMobil

Working with Vital Voices, ExxonMobil supports advanced training for women business owners in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions.

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MBA - Application Process

MBA Admissions Clinic: The Energy Evangelist

by Fortuna Admissions

Francesca has always thrown herself into projects with great energy and passion, but can she convince Haas and Stanford that she can make a real impact, and also handle the quant side of the MBA?

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