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College Success

MBALaunch for Undergraduates Helped Sonia Seth Merge Medicine and Business

by Meredith Hunt

Sonia Seth volunteered during high school at hospitals and nursing homes, and she studied biology and chemistry as an undergraduate, so her decision to go into healthcare is unsurprising. What is unusual is Sonia’s choice to combine her passion for medicine with business and begin a self-designed, five-year MBA/M.D. graduate program in August. Forté’s MBALaunch for Undergraduates played a small part in her inspiring and personal journey.

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Level Up Your Career

How to Refocus, Shift Gears, and Grow, Nearly a Decade Into a Successful Finance Career

After two years as a financial analyst in New York, Tatiana de Dalmas fulfilled a lifelong ambition and moved to France. There, still in finance, she rose from Analyst to Senior Associate, settling down in Paris and starting a family of…

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Dow has Offered the World to These Two Women Leaders

by Meredith Hunt

Andrea Dominowski and Beth Nicholas started their careers at Dow in Michigan 25+ years ago, never imagining that decision would take them to the other side of the world for international assignments. Now back at Dow’s Michigan headquarters, they both continue to grow their skills while leading large business units.

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Forté Power Breaks

Forté Power Break: Take Risks

“You’ll surprise yourself at the ability that you have to complete–and exceed–your expectations.”

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Early Career

Former Edie Hunt Award Winner Delivers The Goods At Amazon

by Meredith Hunt

Tiffany Nida prioritized helping women at HBS. Now at Amazon, she shares her practical wisdom for women who want to become leaders.

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MBA - Application Process

Find Your Fit: What to Look for When Researching MBA Programs

by David Recine

Choosing the right MBA program will change your life in all the best ways. The trick is to know your options… and to know yourself.

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