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Amazon’s New Hires Give Back to Forté

Forté and Amazon Student Programs are long-standing partners in helping women attain their post-MBA dream roles, but new Amazonians can also foster Forté’s impact from day one on the job.  

The first job out of college can be exciting, fun, and nerve-wracking – at Amazon, it can also be meaningful.  

Since 2022, Amazon’s new hires have received communication during the onboarding process that gives them an option to make a social impact. They can either claim a welcome kit (consisting of a water bottle, a journal, a t-shirt, and other items), or donate the cost of these items to one of 12 non-profit organizations that closely partner with Amazon Community Impact – including Forté. 

Planting Seeds of Volunteerism

The generosity of a portion of the 13,500 of 2023 North American Amazon Student Programs interns who chose to donate resulted in a profound financial impact. However, the true significance of their contributions extends far beyond monetary value, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations they have touched. Giving new Amazonians a chance to donate to a cause they care about aligns with Amazon Community Impact’s vision that all employees have the resources, tools, and inspiration to engage meaningfully in their communities through outreach and volunteering. 

The welcome letter describes the 12 organizations’ missions, often inspiring new hires to volunteer or engage in other community activities. Because “one of our strongest values is to contribute to our communities,” says Davilla Gose, senior program manager on Amazon’s Emerging Talent Experience team, “catching them from the start is really important to plant the seeds” that hopefully leads to a lifelong passion for making a positive difference through community initiatives. 

Connecting through Shared Purpose

Another benefit of the program is its impact on intra-company camaraderie. “Coming out of the pandemic, new hires are craving connection, but that can also feel overwhelming. Through a shared sense of purpose, connections form more easily and provide a much-needed lift,” explains Kelly Ogiba, senior program manager on Amazon’s Emerging Talent Experience team. 

Amazon fosters these mutual interests by selecting the non-profit organizations to include, after surveying incoming professionals about their social interests. In addition to organizations that address crucial needs related to climate change, disaster relief, computer science education, and others, DEI and gender equity are pressing concerns to new Amazonians.  

Selecting Forté as a Recipient 

Because Amazon Student Programs is a long-standing corporate partner of Forté, and many in the Amazon community have benefitted from Forté’s programs, Forté was a natural fit for inclusion as one of the 12 donor recipients. “We want to keep the circle going and continue to give back to organizations that help us grow,” Ogiba explains. 

Collaboration and community are two of our core values and we love seeing them reflected in our partnership with Amazon and the Amazon Community Impact program,” says Forté CEO, Elissa Sangster. I’m inspired by the philanthropy of Amazon’s new hires and how their generosity can help us advance our mission of more women leading. 

“We look forward to building on this year’s successful partnership with Forté, as we continue into 2024. I’m super proud of the program, and it will be exciting to hear back how these donations specifically made an impact,” says Gose. 

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