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Business Women of Tomorrow

Follow Fernanda’s Journey: A Day in the Life of an MBA Student at Simon Business School

Come along with Fernanda Sesto as she shares a day in the life of a @simonbusinessschool student and highlights what this amazing campus has to offer 👀 #BusinessSchoolGoals #Dayinthelife #businesschoolcheck #morewomenleading @fortefoundation Come along with Fernanda Sesto as she shares a day in the life of…

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Business Women of Tomorrow

Kateryna’s Darden Diaries: A Day in the Life of an MBA Student at the Darden School of Business

Follow Kateryna Gomeliuk as she takes you through a day in the life of an MBA student at University of Virginia (Darden School of Business)! From morning workouts to classes, experience the rigorous yet exciting schedule that comes with being an #MBA student….

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College Success

MBALaunch for Undergraduates Helped Sonia Seth Merge Medicine and Business

by Meredith Hunt

Sonia Seth volunteered during high school at hospitals and nursing homes, and she studied biology and chemistry as an undergraduate, so her decision to go into healthcare is unsurprising. What is unusual is Sonia’s choice to combine her passion for medicine with business and begin a self-designed, five-year MBA/M.D. graduate program in August. Forté’s MBALaunch for Undergraduates played a small part in her inspiring and personal journey.

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Job Search

Career Search Tips for International MBAs

by Meredith Hunt

International MBA students searching for a job in the U.S. may face sponsorship challenges, less understanding of the search process, and a smaller network than their U.S. counterparts. Here are some recommendations — and hope — for international women who are navigating the often-rocky road to landing a post-MBA job in the U.S.

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Five Tips for Tackling Motherhood and an MBA

Women who know are adamant: begin now. Today if possible. Perhaps this very second. There’s nothing quite like seizing the present moment when it comes to working towards your career goals. Current Georgia Tech Scheller MBA students Danielle Hall and Catherine…

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Career Switching

So, You Want to Work at a Top Consulting Firm: Three Paths to Get You There

by Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business

Georgia Tech MBA students Paroma Chakravarty, Georgia Pearce, and Francesca Sally, all saw themselves at different places post-graduation. For one, there was hope for a supply chain placement. Another woman’s sights were set on consulting. And for another, something more people-facing…

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