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To Lead Without Authority, Start by Knowing Your Leadership Strengths

by Amy Orlov

If you’re on a cross-functional team, running a startup, or managing volunteers, you may have to lead without formal authority. This leadership assessment will help you understand your strengths and help you influence others.

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Leadership Can Be Learned. Here’s How.

by Amy Orlov

Learning to lead is like learning to walk – with enough practice and encouragement, it starts to feel natural. Here’s how to find the support you need along the way.

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October Is National Women’s Small Business Month

by Wendy Dukes

October is National Women’s Small Business Month. Meet a few #MoreWomenLeading from the Forté family who have launched and led businesses of their own.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Holly Weiss, CFO of McKesson’s Prescription Technology Solutions, Wants More Women in Finance

Growing up on a small farm in northern California, Holly Weiss yearned for something different for her future, and she has achieved her dreams of a successful business career. Recently named CFO of an operating segment of McKesson Corporation, Holly proves…

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Level Up Your Career

How to Refocus, Shift Gears, and Grow, Nearly a Decade Into a Successful Finance Career

After two years as a financial analyst in New York, Tatiana de Dalmas fulfilled a lifelong ambition and moved to France. There, still in finance, she rose from Analyst to Senior Associate, settling down in Paris and starting a family of…

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Diversity and Inclusion

What Authenticity in the Workplace Means to Five LGBTQ+ MBAs

by Elissa Sangster, CEO of Forté

Forté fosters a community of diverse business leaders whose personal identities and professional backgrounds strengthen our values of diversity and inclusion. We strive to build an inclusive culture where everyone is empowered to be the type of leader and role model…

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