Preparing for Success: Your Guide to the MBA Forum for Undergrads

As undergraduate students (like you) prepare for the future, we’ve wanted to answer a few questions that we’ve received about why you should get your MBA, how the MBA Forum for Undergrads can open business school doors, and how you can feel as prepared as possible for the next chapter of life, while still finishing college. Here are the top questions we’ve been asked:

  • Why should I do an MBA?
    An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) allows you to gain a powerful network, advance in your industry, make an impact in your community, and increase your earning power.
  • How can I balance my course load while studying for the GMAT?
    As an undergraduate student, you are best equipped to take a standardized test, and study for the exam like you would a class. Usually, six weeks of dedicated study can prepare you for the exam. Many students take the exam over summer or winter break.
  • What opportunities can a graduate degree offer me?
    A graduate degree can help you move industries, functions, and location. It can also help you break into a field that you did not study as an undergrad.
  • I don’t even know if I want an MBA yet. Why should I come to the MBA Forum for Undergrads?
    This free event is a great chance to explore and network – no pressure to commit. This is an opportunity to learn more about graduate programs in business, but also to connect with other students across the country.
  • I don’t know what to say to the MBA school reps.
    Admissions reps are just excited to chat with you. You can always start by introducing yourself, your school and major, and where you are in the process – even if it is just exploring options. Many students attend the event to listen more than speak.
  • How can I prepare for the virtual MBA Forum for Undergrads ?
    Come with some basic questions – maybe you want to ask about school culture, the admissions timeline, or alumni success stories. If you are still unsure about an MBA or other degree program, be honest that you are still exploring your options.

Now that you’re prepared, register for the 2024 free virtual MBA Forum for Undergrads today! Being held on Feb. 21 , from 5-7:30pm ET.

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