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MBA - About the MBA

5 Lessons For MBA Candidates From MBA Recruiters

by Sarah Rumbaugh

MBA recruiting is like dating, which means it involves plenty of awkwardness and uncertainty.

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College Student

Passing It On Part 2: Career Advice From Voices Of Experience

Just starting out in your career? Our career superstars will spill the best job advice they’ve ever heard, so you can be ahead of the game.

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College Student

Passing It On Part 1: Career Advice From Voices Of Experience

Whether you’re new to the job search or thinking about making a change, these ladies are passing on their best tips.

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Early Career

I’ve Got a Business Degree: Now What?

So you’ve got a business degree and you’re ready to conquer the world – but how? What can you do with it? Well, according to these experienced professionals, just about anything you want.

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College Student

Career Secrets That You Don’t Have To Keep

Bestselling author Lindsey Pollak shares her best career secrets with us. Just starting your job search? Thinking about making a switch? The next few minutes might just change your life!

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Job Search

Interview Questions to Leave an Impression

by Meredith Shields

Your questions not only need to reflect your research and understanding of the company, but ideally they add value too.

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