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Three Ways to Move Your Career Forward this Fall

If you’ve been feeling less motivated in the past few months, there’s a good explanation. The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on women. According to the recent Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey & Company and Lean In, one in four women is considering downshifting her career or leaving the workplace. Women are worried about potential layoffs and financial insecurity, and at the same time, they’re facing burnout from the additional responsibilities brought on by the pandemic.

A recent New York Times article suggests fighting burnout by focusing on the things that feel meaningful to you. Think about what brings you joy, and select goals that involve taking positive action.

Forté’s mission is to help women advance in their careers, and we want to help you. To keep your career on track this fall, add some of Forté’s upcoming events to your calendar.

1. Explore Your Career Options

If you’ve ever considered pursuing a different career, whether it’s related to your previous work experience or would mean a pivot to a new industry, set aside some time to research what’s involved. Pursuing a long-term career goal like this can help you maintain a hopeful and optimistic mindset.

Forté’s Conquer Your Career webinars are free.

We record these webinars and will make them available on demand afterward, but why not join us live? Bring your questions, because each session includes a Q&A with the featured guests.

2. Remember What You Bring to the Table

The women in Forté’s network are driven and motivated, but the pandemic has been challenging even for them. When every day feels exactly like the one before, and you’re not sure when you’ll be able to hug your best friend again, it’s easy to lose your sense of perspective. If the isolation is getting to you, take time to look inward. Reflect on your skills and abilities, and feel confident in who you are — and who you will be in the future. 

Forté’s 30-minute Women Lead: Coffee & Careers webinars  (available exclusively to our Premium Access members) will help you recognize and maximize your personal strengths. Take a coffee break with Forté and Diane Fennig, a consultant with the Human Capital Group who has more than 25 years of career development and management experience.

3. Put Yourself Out There (Virtually)

At Forté, we love bringing together top companies and talented women of all backgrounds. If you’re looking for a new job, it helps to communicate directly with people at the companies that interest you, and you can do that at our upcoming Virtual Career Fair. This is a free opportunity to meet with representatives from Forté partner companies, find out what they’re looking for, and learn about their current openings.

(Want to make a great impression? Read our advice on how to stand out at virtual events.)

As the pandemic continues, please take advantage of Forté’s programs, resources, and network. Stay connected with us — and with the people in your life who make you feel energized and supported.  

See our list of Forté’s upcoming events. That’s also where you’ll find links to video recordings of our previous webinars.

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