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College Success

MBALaunch for Undergraduates Helped Sonia Seth Merge Medicine and Business

by Meredith Hunt

Sonia Seth volunteered during high school at hospitals and nursing homes, and she studied biology and chemistry as an undergraduate, so her decision to go into healthcare is unsurprising. What is unusual is Sonia’s choice to combine her passion for medicine with business and begin a self-designed, five-year MBA/M.D. graduate program in August. Forté’s MBALaunch for Undergraduates played a small part in her inspiring and personal journey.

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Forté Events

Prepare for Fall 2023 Forté College Fast Track to Finance Conference

Forté is excited to help you build your wheelhouse to navigate the professional world! The fall 2023 Forté College Fast Track to Finance is a great opportunity to explore the world of finance and gain skills to launch your first job…

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Career Advancement

Meet Blessing Njoku: Forté Corporate Partner, PwC’s Business Woman of Tomorrow

Meet Blessing Njoku, the rising star at PwC who is making waves in the world of management consulting through her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.

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Career Advancement

Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Investment Management with GCM Grosvenor Employee, Julia Kim

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace are three major qualities Julia Kim was looking for when she started her career journey. After learning about GCM Grosvenor as an undergraduate majoring in Economics and Spanish, Julia knew she found the company…

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Personal Finance

Five Ways to Make Your MBA More Affordable

by Marilena Botoulas, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Programs, Columbia Business School

As a financial aid professional, I often meet students with questions about how to best finance the MBA when it’s too late – AFTER they are already admitted.  If you are involved with Forté, however, it means you are already on…

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Career Advancement

Meet Jane Gao: Forté Corporate Partner, Wells Fargo’s Leader of Tomorrow

Meet Forté role model, Jane Gao. With a degree in Economics & Philosophy, Jane’s career path was full of opportunities both in and outside of the financial industry. Now, just a few years out of college, she has already advanced her…

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