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Meet Blessing Njoku: Forté Corporate Partner, PwC’s Business Woman of Tomorrow

Meet Blessing Njoku, a driven and ambitious graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a dual major in Accounting and Management. With a strong academic foundation and a passion for solving ambiguous problems, Blessing has already begun making waves in the industry as a Management Consultant at PwC. Her exceptional analytical skills, coupled with her ability to communicate complex business concepts, allow her to provide valuable insights and recommendations to empower businesses. With an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, Blessing is poised to shape the future of the consulting world as she continues to excel in her career. Learn more from Blessing Njoku’s experience through college and internships and how it changed her career path.

What do you want to tell undergraduate students about this industry? 

While taking my undergraduate courses, I knew I had an interest in accounting. However, I wanted to gain more experience in the business world before choosing a specific industry to operate in. So, I decided to go into consulting, a career that works in multiple industries. Being a part of the Global Consulting Fellows program at UMD also helped solidify my career choice. I was able to interact with real clients and come up with solutions to complex problems. If someone is unsure about the consulting field, I would advise that they look up some YouTube videos on the topic (which is how I partially learned the ins and outs of the field) and network with others who are currently working in the field. I would also work on presentation and storytelling skills, 2 skills that are vital to the consulting field (especially working face to face with clients) 

What advice would you give undergraduate women who wish to pursue business? What about your industry specifically? 

I would tell undergraduate women to not sell themselves short. We tend to look down on our capabilities and skill sets, especially when we may be one of the few women in the room at times (although that is changing over the years). I would tell women not to be afraid to show these skill sets and have the courage to sharpen skills that they may not be so good at. I would also encourage them to join affinity groups catered towards women to network with others. 

Why did you choose to start this career at this employer? Why is this organization a good fit for your professional goals and objectives? 

When applying for internships, I didn’t really know what to expect from the work I would do. However, I knew the type of environment I wanted to work in. I believe that PwC was very effective in not only pitching their “Be Well, Work Well” initiative to prospective hires, but also living it out. During my externship (PwC’s Women’s Consulting Experience), I was able to talk to other women in the workplace and ask them questions about the work environment. They told us about how “Be Well, Work Well” is actually implemented day to day, and the different benefits workers receive to better enhance their well-being. I decided to go with this firm because I knew mental health was important to me and that was something I was looking for an employer to place value on as well. 

How has your organization supported your leadership and professional development? What activities, programs, or resources have been most helpful to you? 

PwC was always supportive of my leadership and professional development. During my internship, I was given a career coach to assist me with answering any career related questions, an associate coach to cheer me on along the way during my internship and a relationship leader that helped me create lasting connections with colleagues at my local office. All 3 coaches were available and ready to answer any questions I had around my internship and how to enhance my professional development skills as a whole. PwC also gave interns access to digital tools and learning modules to help interns up-skill and apply what they’ve learned to their respective projects. Finally, I had the opportunity to cultivate my leadership skills by participating in a case competition, where our team got the chance to present our findings to corporate partners. 

What is it about Forté’s mission that makes you want to support the organization’s efforts? 

Forté is an organization centered around the growth and development of women in business. As someone who is both a woman and a person of color, I love to see other organizations caring for the personal development of women. I give support to the organization’s efforts knowing that the work that they put into their mission is not in vain. Forté has created career readiness programs for young professionals as well as scholarship opportunities for those interested in MBA programs. They also hold numerous conferences not only to educate women about the business world but also to uplift women to be the best version of themselves. Best of all, women get the opportunity to network with recruiters and other women in the program to ultimately aid them in their career success.


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