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Feedback Gap Can Hold Women Back

by Leanne Meyer, Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper School of Business)

Early in their career, women can face a hidden stumbling block. Research shows women are not getting the same kind of feedback as their male colleagues. They aren’t hearing about what they need to do better, what they need to know…

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MBA - Application Process

You’re (I’m) Not an “Admissions Mistake”

by Soojin Kwon

35 years ago, Soojin Kwon was a freshman at Yale, worried that she was an “admissions mistake.” Today, she’s Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Student Experiences, University of Michigan (Ross School of Business) — and she has advice for other students feeling that same fear.

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Impact Stories

Incoming MBAs Share Takeaways From the 2021 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference

by Lisa Beebe

This year’s MBA Women’s Leadership Conference was held virtually, which allowed incoming MBA women from all over the world to participate. We reached out to three Forté Fellows — Mariam Bobtoya, Meenakshi Kukreja, and Divya Dewan — to hear about their experiences at the conference.

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MBA - About the MBA

Case-Writing Competition: The Case for Women

by Lisa Beebe

Women MBA students deserve better representation in their class materials.

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Men as Allies

Expanding Our Allyship Programs to Be as Inclusive as Possible

by Amy Orlov

As part of Forté’s mission to advance women in business, we want to involve as many people as possible in the gender equity movement. In 2016, Forté launched its Men as Allies initiative to help men understand how they can support women in the workplace as well as on MBA campuses.

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Diversity and Inclusion

5 Ways to Be Your Authentic Self in a Leadership Role

by Lisa Beebe

Women with diverse backgrounds often face additional challenges in their careers, from racism to unconscious bias. Forté invited three women leaders of Asian heritage to share how they overcame obstacles like these to succeed in business.

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