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College Student

MBA Admissions Clinic: The Luxury Marketing Aspirant

by Fortuna Admissions

Emily has been progressing well in her marketing career across various legal and financial services firms, but she now wants to pursue her dream of working in the luxury goods industry.

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College Student

Book Review: By Invitation Only

by Nicole Chacin

Nicole shares why “By Invitation Only” is an excellent read for any woman interested in finance, fashion, technology, and start-ups.

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College Student

The Women MBAs of the Fortune 100

by Julianne Perry

55% of female Fortune 100 CEOs earned their MBAs. Find out the background behind each of these successful women and how their MBA influenced their career path.

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Connie Chai

“One of the most impactful pieces of advice I’ve received so far in business school is that the MBA should be a transformational experience, not a transactional experience. What does that mean? I think it means taking risks and challenging myself to “say yes” to classes or experiences that I would typically shy away from. It means being open-minded and present within and outside the MBA community. These two years in school are meant to grant me a safe space to grow as a leader so that I can make a bigger impact!”

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Job Search

Q&A: Arielle Brown, College Recruiting Specialist at Under Armour

by Caroline Herrmann

Have you ever wondered what goes on in recruiters’ minds as they scatter through hundreds, if not thousands, of applications for a single position? Arielle Brown, College Recruiting Specialist at Under Armour (and former Under Armour corporate intern), provides her take on the typical recruitment processes for internships and full-time positions.

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College Student

Why Earn An MBA?

Still sitting on the fence about whether you want to pursue that MBA degree? Not sure you want to spend the money, miss out on two years’ salary, or, more importantly, if a career in business meshes with your life plan?…

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