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Why Should a Millennial Start Investing Now?

It is so easy to put off saving money for another day. We feel we need more money to start saving, or need more time to research options, or that we have all the time in the world to start. But, the sooner you start, the more money you will build up in order to live comfortably.

It doesn’t matter if it is a small amount to begin with – that money will accumulate and will be put to good use instead of lying around in a checking account.

Compound interest – often called the eighth wonder of the world – works in miraculous ways. You earn interest on the money you save and then you earn interest on the money you have originally saved plus on the interest you’ve accumulated.

It amounts to quite a bit when you earn interest on a larger and larger pool of money. It makes sense to start saving early. It is a known fact that for every ten years you delay before saving for retirement, you will need to save up to three times the original amount each month just to catch up!

Personal finance has become a neglected topic. A lot of it is not part of required education (as it should be). Millennials have been left in the lurch on how to manage money and with a slew of high-profile celebrity bankruptcies, it becomes even more prudent that we pay attention to how we manage our finances. This pertains to the usual advice of not spending beyond your means, budgeting wisely, and paying attention to the way your money is spent.

Well, investing has become easier than ever! There is no need to hire a financial advisor who takes fees, requires a minimum balance, or keeps some of the percentage return on your portfolio.

You don’t even have to handle anything yourself as to what to invest in which is convenient for those who simply do not have the time nor inclination for it! You can leave it up to professionals and still earn a sizeable return on your investment.

There have been many online investing services cropping up over the years, but one investing service that offers no traditional fees and does not require a minimum balance is WiseBanyan. The online company invests your money into a fully-diversified selection of stocks and bonds based on your investor profile. They also securely manage and monitor your investments around the clock.

WiseBanyan is just starting up and is as of now, the only free investment service. Another excellent service is LearnVest, if you’d like to start immediately and work on areas including budgets and investing. As other investing services enter the market,  investing becomes more accessible to everyone and also more important than ever.

As a Millennial, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put yourself on a comfortable path to retirement. Whether you invest your money yourself or use an investing service, it is important to start now!

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