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Why Attend the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference?

My relationship with Forté began when I attended the annual Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference the summer before I entered my MBA program.

Initially, I was unsure if attending the conference would be valuable. I had used up most of my vacation days for MBA interviews and welcome weekends. I also knew quite soon I’d be without an income.

Looking back, attending the conference was one of the best decisions I made for pre-MBA preparation.


I used this opportunity to connect with other students from my program who were also attending the conference. I ended up rooming with a future classmate and met many other future MBA students while at the conference.

It was a great way to begin making friendships before school had even begun with my classmates and also women from other universities.


While at the conference, I gained so many valuable insights through the many panel discussions featuring women who are currently working in the business field. They discussed a variety of topics and were always willing to answer any questions the future students had.

It was helpful to hear about their experiences, since I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect during the MBA program or in my career after graduation.


The networking events and career fair were a great way to be introduced to the MBA recruiting process. It also allowed me to learn more about different industries and MBA jobs in a safe setting.

It was incredibly empowering to be in an environment with hundreds of other women. With these supportive women at my side, I felt at ease asking questions, networking with recruiters, and forming friendships.

Unfortunately, women are a minority in the MBA world. This conference offers a great way for women to support one another throughout the MBA process. I hope you continue to utilize Forté as a resource and attend the annual conference.

Stephanie Moore is an MBA student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business graduating in May of 2017. She will be joining Johnson & Johnson as an Associate Brand Manager after graduation. Get more information about the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference.


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