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Why an MBA Right Now Is a Great Idea

So you’ve decided you want an MBA. 

First, great choice. The MBA degree has a long history of strong ROI and will be a gateway to numerous opportunities. Not to mention, you will meet lifelong friends and change your life in ways you can only imagine. 

Second, I am here to tell you that a great time to submit applications to MBA programs is right now. Yes, I do mean now — in spring application rounds and even just in time for the final or rolling application deadlines coming in the next few months. 

Six months from today you could be sitting in an MBA classroom surrounded by those lifelong friends, rocketing your career to the next level, and being exposed to new ways of doing business and solving problems. 

What about the GMAT?

The GMAT is an important part — though not the most important part — of the application process. Taking the GMAT can be similar to running a marathon. Most people will never do it and a lot of people will question why you are taking the exam. But like running a marathon, it is an amazing accomplishment. Having others help hold you accountable can be beneficial. Just like joining a running club or gym, outsource the accountability! Join a GMAT prep class that can get you test ready faster than a “Couch to 5K” program. Extra bonus: Manhattan Prep offers a 10% discount to Forté members who take their courses. 

Is it okay to apply in the last round?

Late application rounds exist because schools anticipate offering admission to students in those rounds. If admissions offices could call it quits in January, they would. There are still seats in MBA programs right now across the globe. 

Think about it this way: MBA applicants are working professionals and life happens. For example, an individual may have been admitted in the first round, but then received a promotion at work. This individual might forfeit their seat in the class, and their scholarship too. That means there are seats and scholarship funds becoming available all the time. 

But what about the economy?

Just because you are admitted does not mean you have to accept the offer. By applying, you are giving yourself more options, and even potential leverage, with your employer. There will never be a time of complete economic certainty. One of the superpowers of an MBA is that it can help you in any industry, and can certainly help you be recession proof. 

Where do I start?

Attend an event! If you are looking at a full-time MBA program, attend our free Virtual MBA Forum this spring to meet 60+ business schools and exhibitors. If you think you want to keep working and do an MBA part-time, check out our Virtual Professional and Executive MBA Forum this spring. 

Want more guidance? Check out our free webinars live and on demand. 

Finally, let me leave you with one of my favorite aphorisms. When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Today.

Don’t wait! Begin your MBA journey today.

Need help getting started? Forté has you covered. Download our five-step guide to applying to business school now.

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