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Why a Career Ready Certificate is Essential for Any Major or Grad Year

Whether you’re a first-year or a senior in college, it’s never too late to learn about different industries and advance your professional skills with the Career Ready Certificate program. From discovering the program to growing their professional network, read how Duke University student, Pranavi Reddi, used the program to connect with women leaders in the business industry and her advice for other students interested in earning their Career Ready Certificate.

How did you hear about Forté?

I initially heard about Forté and the community through an email from Girls Who Invest. After hearing about the empowering mission of Forté, I began getting involved with all the opportunities that Forté has to offer. Whether through the Career Ready Certificate or the Campus to Business Leadership conference, I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many other driven women while also learning about all the different future career possibilities that are available to me. I am now working to be a Forté Campus Ambassador to further spread the Forté mission on my school campus while continuing to develop my leadership skills.

How did you hear about Forté’s career ready certificate program?

I learned about the Career Ready Certificate program by looking through the Forté website!

What motivated you to complete the certificate?

I completed the certificate program to learn more about what a professional career in the business industry can look like for me while also getting more insight into all the different future career industries that are available. I also wanted to meet other cohort members to learn about their journeys through their careers while also making some lifelong memories.

What was your experience like with the certificate program?

The overall certificate program was so insightful and valuable for me, especially as someone very early in their college education and career. I learned so much about many unique careers, like business analytics and product management. It was also incredibly helpful to learn more about different skills, like professional communication, that are very important to succeed and thrive in a future career. All of this information made me feel a lot more prepared and excited when looking to begin my professional career journey.

What are your plans for after college and how did the certificate program influence your career and professional network?

Since I am very early in my career, I am not entirely sure about what I want to do in the future. I do know for sure that I want to work in a career that involves actively building solutions to critical problems through thorough data analysis! This certificate program allowed me to meet many other women leaders who are also interested in careers in the business field. This helped me grow my professional network while also enabling me to visualize different ways to create an ideal career path!

What advice do you have for other undergrads who might be interested in joining the certificate program?

I would 100% recommend all undergrads go through the certificate program. This program is very comprehensive and provides many critical insights into developing skills and preparing for a future professional career. Whether by providing concrete ways to progress through a career path or by providing general advice on how to approach career development, this course will really change your perspective on finding a career through many engaging activities and opportunities for reflection. Although the course will be challenging, it is very much worth your time and effort! Good luck! 🙂


Ready to earn a career ready certificate? Check out our certificate page for more information to see if you qualify.

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