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Top Picks of 2015

top-picks-2015We celebrated many accomplishments in 2015 and Forté thanks you for your participation and support. We wish you the best this holiday season!

2015 Most Read Blog Articles

Finding My Flame
“Today, more and more successful businesses are led by people like me who do not wear suits. So even if you aren’t the classic MBA candidate, you can still succeed in business school. You just have to be drawn to it.”

Nikita Mitchell, 2015 Edie Hunt Award Winner: Seeing Possibilities Where Others See Problems
Supporters described Forté’s 2015 Edie Hunt Award winner Nikita Mitchell, a University of California Berkeley-Haas MBA Class of 2015 graduate, as “a true Lioness…a woman who will change the world” and “100% badass” for her contributions to women in business. Find out why she earned these accolades—and a standing ovation at the 2015 Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference.

Cultivating Executive Presence with Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Recently, Sylvia Ann Hewlett led a Women Lead session for more than 300 participants on executive presence. Hewlett focused her presentation on three aspects of executive presence: gravitas, communication, and appearance.

2015 Top Webinars

Own the Room
Walk in, stand out, sound great! Whether you’re running a meeting, presenting to a client or just schmoozing over cocktails, how do you make your presence known in a powerful and compelling (yet effortless) way?

Using Power Negotiating to Enhance your Career
For women to ascend and breakthrough to the top, they must be successful at negotiating. Yet, research shows that women often do not ask, they do not ask for enough, and they are not persistent in their requests. In this session, we discuss some of the key strategies and tips women can use in their business negotiations.

Tips on Building a Winning MBA Application
Want to go to business school? Applying to an MBA program can be a daunting and challenging process. Many MBA candidates spend a year or more preparing for the application process to ensure all the pieces are in place for a compelling application.

2015 Staff Book Picks

Triggers:  Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be
Marshall Goldsmith
Recommended by Denise Montana
This books delivers on providing practical tools for changing behaviors that you want to change.  Marshall provides great examples and engaging questions that help you prioritize what is really important and specific steps to become better.

10% Happier
Dan Harris
Recommended by Laurie Stewart
Harris’ memoir provides a humorous and deeply personal account of “how I tamed the voice in my head and reduced stress without losing my edge.” The Nightline anchor and self-proclaimed skeptic explores why individuals from all walks of life are using meditation to increase their focus and calm—and lead happier lives.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
Jon Ronson
Recommended by Elissa Sangster
Equal parts entertaining and frightening, this book explores the revival of public shaming through social media. It tells the cautionary tale of how the digital age makes it possible for anyone anywhere to weigh in on your personal and professional life. After reading this you’ll understand the need for circumspection and restraint in your social media life.

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