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Time to Give Thanks

Stop and take in your bearings. It’s another year and you are halfway through the college semester. It won’t be long until you see the snow stick and start packing to go home for Thanksgiving Break.

However, before you do so, take a moment to reflect and give thanks to all that you have. Family, friends, health—you are gifted with so much that often, it becomes an overload of sorts, one in which you inevitably overlook some boons in your life and take them for granted.

So, before you step on the plane or ride that train, give thanks not only to what you already have, but to the opportunity that you were blessed with to have those things to begin with. Know that you are beyond lucky to have the opportunity for meaningful relationships, the opportunity to stay and be healthy, and the opportunity to have an education.

In our tentative and dynamic world, nothing is constant—incidents happen, people change, life moves on. But, we can hold onto these moments and blessings while we have them.

For me, I do just that by staying connected. I initiate calls and set up lunch dates where I can keep up with old friends and acquaintances. Not only am I honing my networking and communication skills, but maintaining enriching relationships are an instrumental part of my emotional and mental health.

I take the time to go out for a run around my campus’s trails or step into the ring to box. Devoting a part of my day to these tasks is my way of giving thanks to my University for offering these opportunities, but it is also how I appreciate myself. I am worth the time and effort I put into making myself happy and healthy. I am thankful for who I am and the trek I took in getting here, so I have every reason to do what is best for me.

By being thankful for who I am, I am giving thanks to all the opportunities, the people, and the moments that got me here.

So, thank you.

Grace Chow is majoring in finance and sociology at the University of Notre Dame. After she graduates, Grace plans to go into investment banking. She dreams of starting a non profit someday.

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