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The Secret to Confidence: Upgrading Your Success Story Webinar

February 20, 2013
12:00pm EST

Confidence. We know when we have it. And we know when we don’t. What’s harder to figure out is how to have it in any moment, especially in those most challenging of situations when the course of our professional ambitions requires us to speak about ourselves: job interviews, performance reviews, speeches, pitches, and networking. Anytime, the spotlight is on us, we know others are judging our every experience, and it is easy to let self-assurance fly out the window. The key to believing in yourself is upgrading the way you talk about yourself – both to others and (perhaps even more importantly) to yourself.

As a webinar participant you will:

  • Explore the tools of narrative and storytelling that can be applied to nearly any conversation about you.
  • Create your own story about an accomplishment – one that inspires you and leaves you with the confidence to tell it in any situation. (Be sure to come with a favorite accomplishment in mind to practice with!)
  • Differentiate between arrogance and confidence and cultivate the ability always to project the latter.

This workshop is presented by:

Angela Guido
President, Communicate Yourself, Inc.

Angela Guido has spent her career empowering individuals and organizations to communicate their messages more effectively using the power of story. During her five-year tenure at the Boston Consulting Group, she worked with clients in diverse industries to achieve in-depth consumer insight and craft and execute strategic growth plans. Angela later managed BCG’s Women’s Initiative for North America where she helped the firm implement work-life balance initiatives, managed recruitment and conversion of women to the firm, and planned and executed training and development opportunities for women. Angela has since worked exclusively in the arena of interpersonal communications consulting.

As the President of Communicate Yourself, Inc., she has trained hundreds of individuals across the country, including students at top business schools and professionals in organizations ranging from government to professional services to discover and perfect their personal stories, assisting them in advancing their careers or gaining access to highly coveted professional positions. She brings an in-depth understanding of consumer insight and the power of narrative to move individuals and groups to action. Angela holds a BA in Philosophy from Yale University and an MBA from the University of Chicago, where she was a Siebel Scholar.

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