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Stern MBA Program Satisfies Both Sides of The Brain

NYU SternYou’ve got a creative streak, and would gladly follow it, but you don’t want to be a starving artist? You’re interested in an MBA, but worried it might steer you into a career with no room for self-expression?

Today’s MBA programs tap into the multiple interests of their students, allowing for synergistic intersections of creativity and business, and New York University’s Stern School of Business is a stand-out example.

As an MBA program offering that veers from the traditional functional areas of business, the Entertainment, Media and Technology program (EMT) at NYU Stern enables students to bridge the professional divide between “suits” and “creatives,” says program director C. Samuel Craig. “Students in the EMT program gain a fundamental understanding of the strategy and operating principles that drive the entertainment industry,” Craig adds. “From the financing of startups and product development to the management of companies and technologies that connect consumers with content.”

On the creative side, students in the program team with students in the Kanbar Institute of Film & Television to produce brand-drive short films for leading corporations in the unique ProMotion Pictures Film Competition. They also take a week-long trip to the Cannes Film Festival to learn first-hand how films are made, distributed, and marketed.

Stern’s location allows the school to offer an “only-in-New York” array of co-curricular activities, as students rub elbows with high level speakers from such entertainment giants as HDNet, NBC, Variety magazine, Sony Pictures Classics, CBS, and others.

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