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Forté Fellow Spotlight: Rohini Vaze

Rohini-VazeRohini Vaze

College of Engineering, Pune Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, 2011
UCLA Anderson School of Business, MBA Candidate 2016
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Pre-MBA Work Experience: Marketing and Operations in automobile industry and angel investment group

Don’t forget to believe in yourself while seeking advice from many sources. By the end of application process, I was clear that I only wanted to apply to two schools and what helped me most was not getting affected by other’s advising me to apply to more ‘back-up’ schools.

I was able to concentrate on schools that I liked and give it my best shot!

Search for the Perfect Business School

Shortlisting schools looks daunting when you have so many amazing ones to choose from! I would recommend preparing a chart of important factors such as location, class size, alumni network strength, etc. for the schools. This helped me shortlist about 7-8 schools.

Post that, you should reach out to few people in these schools to learn what they liked and more importantly, what they didn’t like about their school. Getting these perspectives helped me find my ‘fit’ – the schools that suited me best and would be most enriching for me.

I looked at what matters to me – the fundamental question of why an MBA makes sense for me and what I want to get out of it – and searched for how the schools can provide this.

The Application Process

I truly believe that the application was the best soul searching I have ever done and the things I learned in the process continue to help me today.

Here, try to understand for yourself what your story is – write it down and see if it makes sense, if it shows your passion for the career you want to build post business school and whether it portrays the true you. Also ask your friends for feedback from time-to-time to gain a fresh perspective on what you have written.

Personally, I also worked on improving my language to learn to convey my story well in the short word limit.

At this point, it is also great to get to know the schools of your choice better and to speak to as many people as possible. This helped me get different perspectives and to build a structure of what I wanted to achieve at business school – and while I did this for myself more than the application, I believe that it was the most valuable component for my success in entering a top business school.

Your Business School

The business school experience is a whirlwind and you will probably always wonder how so much could ever happen in such less time!

So, once you get that admit, be sure to celebrate and take at least a few months off work before joining school – go party, take a holiday, see different parts of the world! It’s probably the best time with not having to worry too much about the future. So make sure you make the most of it.

Lastly, I would just say – enjoy the process – it will be a journey that will help you for life!

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