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Passion for Artistic Pursuits Fuels Unique B-School Offerings

stock_student6Who says business school is only about crunching numbers? Putting their punch where the passion is, many MBA programs offer special electives that integrate business with the arts, sports, entertainment, and more. Such courses allow students to explore the commercial side of these endeavors and, in some cases, to translate the concepts that presage artistic success into effective tools for business. Here is a small sample of such nontraditional offerings from a selection of Forté schools:

Stern School of Business, New York University

The Craft & Commerce Of Cinema: The Cannes Film Festival
Takes students to Cannes for the festival as they study all aspects of the film industry including development, financing, distribution and marketing. Students attend lectures and discussions with directors, producers, studio executives and financiers.

Business of Music and Film
Examines the characteristics of deals, cash flows and valuations in the highly dynamic and uncertain environment of music and film.

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Entertainment Culture and Marketing
Designed for students interested in exploring the many intersections of marketing management and entertainment. Examines the consumers and marketers of entertainment in today’s entertainment-driven economy.

Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, The University of Virginia

Leadership & Theatre: Ethics, Innovation & Creativity
Builds leadership and ethical analysis skills through examination of dramatic scenes from great plays. Constructed around the concept that the task of the theatre director is akin to the task of the CEO—drawing vision from particulars, emphasizing good casting, getting the best out of a team, and approaching work collaboratively.

London Business School

Managing Entertainment and Experience
Designed to foster strategic and operational thinking and gaining skills in the design and management of experience-based industries. Covers industry economics, experience design, marketplace patterns, consumer shifts, current events, business models, sponsorship, brand names and loyalty, seasonal issues, merchandising, managing people and operations, and technology.

New Creative Ventures 
Examines the process by which creative ideas are turned into commercial ventures in both start-up and corporate environments. You will learn how entrepreneurs identify and analyze the commercial feasibility of creative ideas, turn them into products and services, and take them to market.

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

Business Acting
Introduces students to techniques of communication with a live audience, providing a unique opportunity to learn to communicate with greater impact and to gain awareness of one’s public self. Techniques that can be extrapolated to business include: claiming a room, connecting with people on a visceral level, and creating an effective personal impression.

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