College Student

Oh! To be Equal… A Poem About More Women Leading

I see the narrow street where decades ago she worked,
The small garden beside, during lunch she lurked.
Complaining to friends for how she was treated
Was it her gender? She feels cold and defeated
Walking to the desk with her head held high,
One day women will lead without a sigh.

Today, I entered the office, a warmth was felt,
Happy after lunch, was I blessed?
A different reality from what she described,
Treated with respect, years ago should’ve been applied.
I spoke freely, my opinion heard,
Talking over women is now meant to be absurd!
Helped by my senior, he’s encouraging as ever
Teaching me to lead, a lion, making me clever!
A slow smile across my face, as I enter the meeting
Oh! How much it means to see #morewomenleading.

This poem was included as a part of Tanya’s submission for the #MoreWomenLeading scholarship.

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