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Nine Inspiring Forté Women Share What International Women’s Day Means to Them

For more than 20 years, Forté has supported women’s advancement to the upper echelons of business. In partnership with top graduate business schools and leading companies, we have made incredible strides in achieving more gender parity in MBA programs, but women are still underrepresented in every realm — social, economic, and political.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, I asked some of the accomplished women who comprise our Forté community: What does International Women’s Day mean to you? Their responses reflect this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias, as well as its mission to collectively “help forge women’s equality — sooner and faster.” Here is what they shared:

  • “I am a proud first-generation, Mexican-American woman, but I recognize there are few who share my background within the business world. Seeing other Chicana women succeed makes me proud of their accomplishments, and it also motivates me to reach my own. International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate, even more, how much women have contributed to this world.” – Emily Dominguez, Undergraduate student at University of Michigan (BBA and BS, Computer Science)
  • “My mom, who retired this year, was the first of many women who shaped me into the leader I am today. She never pushed me towards a particular career path – she let me find my own way. By modeling what was possible for women in the workforce, she taught me to challenge the status quo while being willing to adapt, instilling an internal compass, my ‘personal operating model,’ that guided me throughout my career and led me to find work I enjoy that allows for balance that suits me and my family.” – Lauren Herder, Senior Managing Director at Ankura
  • “As a mother, daughter of a first-generation American, Afro-Latina, and business leader, I’ve been inspired by the women in my life to reach higher, work harder, and push boundaries. Women around the world who continue to shatter glass ceilings should be celebrated today and every day. In my role as Chief Diversity Officer, I’m working to elevate more women to senior roles. Progress is strong, but I won’t stop until I see more women who look like me in senior leadership.” – Megan Hogan, Chief Diversity Officer at Goldman Sachs
  • “To me, International Women’s Day means recognition of progress. Each year it marks an opportunity to reflect on the steps that have been taken and evaluate where to go next. As I progress in my career, I will continue to recognize this day personally and professionally and hope to contribute to making it an inclusive space for conversations!” – Pamela London Fox, MBA Candidate at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • “International Women’s Day means to me the remembrance of visionary and brave women who have worked hard to create a more accepting world for women in business, politics, and more. I reflect on this day to think about how I use my resources and insights to advocate for women’s equality. And, in a world full of bias, I take it seriously to be kind and understanding to all human differences because I want to #BreakTheBias.” – Karla Magana, Deal Flow Coordinator at Rebel Venture Fund; Undergraduate Finance & Business Analytics student at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • “International Women’s Day commemorates the fact that women are remarkable. International Women’s Day unites us. It serves as inspiration around the power of our collective strength. The day also serves as a reminder of our responsibility to serve and uplift fellow women as individuals, in our communities, and at a global scale. By contributing our unique strengths and skills, we can improve all aspects of life for women near and far. When we come together with this shared focus, we can support one another on our unique journeys to greatness.” – Karisa Mashlan, Forté Alumni Leadership Council member; Strategy Insights & Planning Consultant at ZS Associates
  • “It is a day of reverence, deep respect and admiration for women, human & civil rights, diversity and culture. It is a commemoration of history, of women’s bravery to fight injustice and inequalities throughout generations. It is a day to celebrate how central women are to life, family, heritage, nature, health, businesses, decision-making and technology. I feel proud to be a Latin American woman, to voice our essence and defend our legacy!” Maria Francisca Paz y Miño, MBA Candidate and Forté Ambassador at IE Business School; Entrepreneur; Human Rights Advocate; Writer
  • “International Women’s Day is a reminder to challenge the status quo by uplifting, empowering, and championing our global community of women. We must extend our celebration beyond March 8th, because every day is a new opportunity to amplify the voices of women, inspire each other to reach our full potential, and to take ownership of a future built on respect and equality.” – Sidnie Semich, Master of International Business Student at Hough Graduate School of Business, University of Florida
  • “To me, International Women’s Day is a reminder of the amazing investment opportunity women present. A record number of women have started their own businesses during the pandemic, and I believe the Great Resignation will yield even more innovation by women who seize the chance to make the change they want to see. It’s an exciting time to get in on the ground floor — like the IPO of a new generation of female entrepreneurs.” – Vonetta Young, Forté Alumni Leadership Council Chair; Advisor, Investment Readiness and Fund Formation; Vonetta Young Advisors

International Women’s Day offers three simple but powerful steps to change the status quo and #BreakTheBias: “Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”

I encourage you to use your voices and continue to be part of the conversation about gender equity, not just on International Women’s Day – but every day.

To learn more about what Forté is doing to commemorate International Women’s Day, visit the IWD page on our website.

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