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New Study Shows Women are Increasingly Seeking Global MBAs

The world is becoming more connected, companies are becoming more global, and the workforce is more international. As a highly-motivated woman, you may have had the intuition that you need global experience and education to further advance your career. You see a need to manage culturally diverse teams and deliver growth in new markets. You’ve thought of going back to school either part- or full-time, but a business school in the United States just doesn’t seem quite enough.

The good news? You’re not alone in your thinking. Increasingly, women are recognizing and taking action on the desire to build an international network and enhance their business acumen and skills. You understand that we are all operating in a more global world.

“Business education is the single most effective investment you can make in one year to transform your career,” noted Wendy Alexander, associate dean, London Business School for Degree Programmes and Career Services. “But, if you want a global education, you need to come to a global school.”

Jointly, the London Business School and the Forté Foundation researched an emerging trend: North American women heading to Europe to study for and obtain their MBA degrees. These women, according to Alexander, have found “the X factor for the future: experience, expertise and cultural awareness.”

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