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My Summer Internship at AIO

stock-plannerEverything happens for a reason. I continue to believe this statement more and more each day.

While studying International Business abroad at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in the spring of 2013, I was scrambling to ensure that I would not be spending another summer working at a part time job. The search started with my school’s career website. The database shows multiple opportunities whether, paid or unpaid, as well as internships and full time employment positions. I applied to everything that I felt I was completely qualified for.

One company that I specifically targeted my sight for potential summer internship was AT&T. They were introducing their Emerging Enterprise and Partnership Organizations, which included Digital Life, Emerging Life and AIO (pronounced A-O) Wireless Divisions. After receiving a congratulation email from a contact within AT&T, I knew my summer would be the best one yet.

After leaving the happiest country in the world, I was on an international flight bound for home to Texas. After two weeks of quality time with family and friends, I was off to Atlanta, Georgia to proceed with the proper paperwork to start my AT&T summer internship.  Little did I know I would be one of the first interns to assist with the building of AIO Wireless.

AIO Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T, originally launched in early May. AIO is a prepaid company that targets individuals that want the smart phone but not the contract. During my first few weeks on the job, I was instructed on the internal and external dynamics of this growing company.

Duties during this internship were those unlike any other. Weeks into my internship as a Project Manager, I was given the task of completing daily agenda tasks performed by individuals I previously shadowed.  Excel spreadsheets were formulated with two-week status updates.  Daily phone calls were made to contractors to ensure that blueprints were drawn correctly, carpet laid, and walls painted the correct color, plum, per company specifications.

I will admit there were some days that were challenging when deadlines were not met by the contractors. However, working with a team of individuals who were both positive and encouraging, allowed me to complete assigned tasks in a timely, yet efficient manner.

After interning with AIO Wireless for ten weeks, I envisioned myself as part of the team and could not see myself leaving. Not only was the internship my first and most desirable, it was filled with new-found skills, lasting friendships and memories with people with whom I will never forget.


Lauren HawkinsLauren Hawkins is a senior majoring in economics at Spelman College and will graduate in spring 2014. She plans to pursue a JD/MBA and set up a vintage shop after college. She dreams of her vintage shop overtaking big chain fashion companies. Lauren loves to write and her favorite place to spend weekends is in a park with a good book.


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