Meet the 2023-2024 Undergraduate Ambassadors

Checking in with the Forté  Campus Ambassadors 

Forté provides undergraduate women with the tools they need to prepare for fulfilling, significant careers from the Forté Career Ready Certificate, to college clubs and leadership opportunities on campus. 

We’re excited to have amazingly talented and empowering women as Forté Campus Ambassadors for the 2023-24 school year. We asked a few of them “What advice would you give someone interested in Forté?”. Here’s what they had to say:

Katrina Mrozowski, University of Florida
“I would explain to them what Forté is, introduce them to the Career Ready Certificate, send them over the information I have, and continue checking in with them for conferences/building their network more within Forté.”

Rose (Rosie) Feinbloom, Washington University in Saint Louis
“Forté is one of my favorite things I’ve gotten involved in during college. It has provided me with such incredible resources and connections, and it has made me a better future business leader. I couldn’t recommend Forté enough; it will help you grow and give you exposure to different avenues of the business world. Come to one conference and try it out; you will be empowered and will leave the conference ready for more.”

Chloe Boeker, Scripps College
“If someone is interested in Forté, I would offer the following advice:

  1. Attend Forté Events: Forté regularly hosts events such as webinars, conferences, and networking sessions. Attend these events to gain insights from industry professionals, connect with other students, and get a feel for the Forté community. Engaging with these events will provide you with a firsthand experience of what Forté has to offer.
  2. Engage with the Forté Network: Actively participate in the Forté network by joining online communities, forums, and social media groups. Engaging with fellow members and ambassadors will allow you to connect with a diverse group of individuals who share similar interests and aspirations. This network can provide valuable mentorship, support, and opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Embrace Leadership Opportunities: Forté values leadership and offers various leadership roles and opportunities within the organization. Consider taking on a leadership position, such as becoming a Forté ambassador, to actively contribute to the organization’s mission and make a positive impact on others.”

Bella Pawita Sunthornpong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Just do it. You’re not losing anything but you will gain and learn so much.”

Aleyana DeBrest, Howard University
“The advice I would give is to read through the different opportunities that are offered.”

Amber Connell, Stony Brook University
“I’d tell them to attend one of their conferences, even if they are still on the fence about it. If I didn’t book those plane tickets, I would not have been able to have such a great experience with so many different powerful women, and it truly changed my life. If they’re interested, I’d also let them know that they have nothing to lose, as you get supported for even coming to their programs, so I’d tell them to go for it even if they’re unsure. The people make Forté so amazing, so I’d try to tell them that as best as I can.”

Wambui Gitahi, Agnes Scott College
“Joining Forté is the best decision you will ever make.”

Lordina Oduro, Bryn Mawr College
“There is a lot to learn and experience from being a part of Forté that will help you grow into a woman that is always confident and ready to embrace her fears. The connections made from Forté are going to go a long way in unlocking new opportunities for you.”

Sanskriti Giri, Mount Holyoke College
“I would advise them to dive deep into Forte’s rich resources and explore their website and publications to uncover scholarships, tools, and programs that align with their goals. Attend their enlightening information sessions and events, where they can learn about Forté’s mission and connect with like-minded individuals. Reach out to current and past Forté members for firsthand insights and guidance. Engage in their programs and events, embracing the opportunities to grow, network, and make a lasting impact. Leverage Forté’s extensive network to seek mentors, internships, and career connections. Embrace the empowering journey that awaits you with Forté by your side.”

Lien Tran, Case Western Reserve University
“If you’re interested in Forté, I recommend that you be proactive and take the initiative. Don’t just sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you; actively participate in Forté’s resources, events, and opportunities. Attend networking events and participate in mentorship programs to connect with other members, mentors, and industry professionals. Take advantage of the resources and programs available through Forté to further your personal and professional development. Accept the diversity of the Forté community by seeking out perspectives that differ from your own. Finally, think about how you can give back by sharing your experiences, mentoring others, and contributing your unique insights and skills. By following this advice, you will maximize your Forté experience and set yourself on a path of personal and professional development.”

Amanda Hofsommer, Iowa State University
“The advice that I would give is to give it a shot. See if it is something you would like to be a part of but at the same time you get out, what you put in. If you put in minimal effort, don’t expect to be getting huge results.”

Rayna Liu, University of California at Berkeley
“My advice would be: follow the newsletter, attend the conference that you’re interested in, and get connected with the campus ambassador and others else who is already in Forté”

Mahika Jerath, New York University
“I would advise people to do their research, be themself, and get involved. The career certificate in itself helps you learn a lot of soft skills which are very important.”

Jennifer Yang, Carnegie Mellon University
“I would tell them that there are multiple opportunities that Forté offers and that they should look deeply into what benefits they can get by joining because they won’t regret it, and it will be extremely useful regardless of what career path they choose.”

Michelle Han, New York University
“Attend an event to see what it’s about! There are so many resources available, and the Forté community wants to help out.”

Giang Huong Do, Boston University
“Be bold, be courageous, and take ownership in what you do. Even though Forté is an organization for women that would assist you in your career advancement, things will fall through if you do not proactively network with people and keep yourself in your comfort zone.”

Maryam Paykar, University of Texas at Austin
“I would allow them to learn more about it and dive deeper into what specifically they like and then give them all the details about joining.”

Renee Patton, Purdue University
“Attend and listen to everyone. I learned so much from all the inspiring women at the conference that I have written on my phone that I reference often. Attending is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, but being open to talking and learning from all the other women attending is the real joy of attending Forté. And there’s a resource available for you to attend.”

Daria Zaytseva, New York University
“I would say that they should just go for it. I think that one of my biggest struggles in college thus far was holding back on many opportunities. That was one of the mistakes that I think left me most unsure about my professional path. By committing to something and attending that extra event or conference, anyone can further their learning, network, and drive in the industry.”

Sophia Wang, Yale University
“Join Forté if you are interested — the commitment is totally up to you and there are so many resources based on your needs, from job opportunities to career training. There’s no reason not to join!”

Erin Wu, Case Western Reserve University
“I would tell them to do their research about Forté before joining. It is important that their goals align with Forté’s so they can be completely engaged in the work required from them.”

Grace Qi, Cornell University
“Just go for it! Take advantage of all the opportunities Forté has to offer and use all the resources :)”

Emily Chou, Brandeis University
“Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect – with anyone, seriously. Whether it’s an ambassador, a program manager/leader, someone who attended a conference, or just attending an event/conference – I’ve found that everyone at Forté really goes out of their way to be friendly, connect, and help each other.”

Nila Paul, Stony Brook University
“Even if you are shy, you need to try your best to chase opportunities! I am very soft-spoken and find it very hard sometimes to go after what I want when I see more outgoing people do the same, but forcing to remind myself that If I don’t go after what I want, I mostly will not get it has been pushing me to succeed.”

Eliana Goodman, University of Pittsburgh
“Do it! It’s of no cost to you and you get access to resources, professionals in various fields that may be interesting to you, and you both get to give and receive global support for women and underrepresented groups becoming leaders.”

Chelsea Yan, University of Southern California
“Be Open to Learning: Forté offers a variety of learning opportunities across many fields. Be open to gaining new skills, exploring different areas, and stepping out of your comfort zone.”

Ruby Sapkota, Mount Holyoke College
“1. Complete Career ready certificate
2. Explore Forté’s resources
3. Attend conferences held by Forté
 4. Network strategically
5. Be a campus ambassador”

Nehal Sanghai, New York University
“If you’re interested in Forté, I’d offer the following advice to make the most of your experience:

  • Explore Forté’s Offerings: Take the time to explore all that Forté has to offer. Check out their website, and read about their mission, values, and the various programs they provide. Understand how Forté aligns with your personal and professional goals.
  • Join the Community: Connect with other Forté members through social media, online forums, or local events. Engage with the community to build valuable relationships and gain insights from like-minded individuals.
  • Attend Events and Workshops: Participate in Forté’s virtual or in-person events and workshops. These sessions are excellent opportunities to learn from industry experts, gain valuable skills, and expand your network.
  • Network and Collaborate: Connect with Forté alumni, mentors, and partners. Networking and collaborating with diverse individuals will broaden your perspectives and expose you to exciting opportunities.
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusion: Forté values diversity and inclusion, and it’s essential to embrace these principles in your interactions. Embracing diverse perspectives will enrich your Forté experience.
  • Stay Engaged: Keep up-to-date with Forté’s offerings and stay engaged with the community. Active participation will ensure you get the most out of your Forté experience.”

Elizabeth Grayfer, New York University
“Complete the Forté Career Ready Certificate program, sign up for the newsletters, speak with Forté ambassadors and sign up for the ambassador program when applicable to you, and to go to the Forté events and conferences offered to students.”

Nermine Mokdad, Smith College
“Make sure to take some time and do the Forté Career Ready Certificate: there is a lot to learn!”

Hanna Sha, Boston University Questrom
“I would tell them to do extensive research on what industry or role they’re most interested in and well suited for. Then, focus in on that vertical when connecting with Forté partners. Being specific is best.”

Kirstan Garcia, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
“Just do it! Sign up today so you can be the leader you want tomorrow.”

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