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Meet the 2021 – 2022 Forté Ambassadors

Checking In With the Forté Regional and Campus Ambassadors 

Forté provides undergraduate women with the tools they need to prepare for fulfilling, significant careers from the Forté Career Ready Certificate, to college clubs and leadership opportunities on campus. This year, we launched the Forté Regional Ambassadors program, an opportunity for student leaders to further develop their skills and oversee a team of 20 to 30 campus ambassadors across their region. 

We’re excited to have the following talented women as Forté Campus Ambassadors for the 2021-22 school year. We asked each regional ambassador, “What advice would you give someone interested in Forté?” Here’s what they had to say:

Regional Ambassadors

ALAINA GREGORY University of Michigan (Class of ‘22)
“Forté is a great place to kickstart a strong network of passionate and motivated women with similar interests. Take advantage of every relationship, opportunity, and professional development event available to you. Enjoy the process and have fun with the organization. Everyone is here to help and support you to be the next leader in business. Forté is uniquely positioned to support women throughout their entire career path from university, early career, MBA programs, and later career opportunities. Forté is here to support you through the long term and is something you can and should be involved with for life.”

NISHA PATEL New York University (Class of ‘23)
“Do not be scared to try new things and step into something that may seem intimidating. While it may be time-consuming and a lot of hard work, the results, experiences, and friendships made along the way are invaluable!”

ISHIKA SRIVASTAVA University of Maryland (Class of ‘23)
“My advice is to attend more conferences and utilize the discussion section on the main Forté website to get more familiar with Forté and its mission.”


We also checked in with our undergraduate campus ambassadors to find out what they’ve been up to, and we’ve shared their responses below:

Campus Ambassadors

Agnes Scott College

NATHASYA TADJUDIN (Class of ‘23) has a tech and project management fellowship and is also taking a Pre-MBA course for credit.


American University

CAMILLE BAKKER (Class of ‘23) continued her work with the Girls Who Invest program to develop her finance knowledge.

TRISHA KAPUR (Class of ‘23) is an orientation leader and is working for the Center for Business Communications as an admin and a peer consultant.


Bates College

TAMSIN STRINGER (Class of ‘22) was a summer analyst with Promethos Capital, an ESG investing firm.

CAROLINE GRADY (Class of ‘23) worked as an underwriting intern at FM Global, a commercial property specialty insurer/reinsurer.

EUNAH CHOI (Class of ‘23) spent time with friends and family over the summer, as well as reading and hiking. 

KEMUNTO ONGERA (Class of ‘23) worked as a summer intern at U3 Advisors.

XINYI ZHANG (Class of ‘24) 

GRACE TABAN (SANDIA) (Class of ‘22) 


Bryn Mawr College

MINOLTA NDLOVU (Class of ‘23) interned with PIMCO as a Technology Analyst.

ASHLEY YANG  (Class of ‘22) interned at a local pharmaceutical company.


Carnegie Mellon University

NISHA FERNANDES  (Class of ‘24) interned Make It She, a nonprofit that is working to overcome the online gender gap. Before that, she worked as a civic engagement intern at Carnegie Mellon University.


Case Western Reserve University

PALLAVI GOCULDAS (Class of ‘24) worked as a lease portfolio management intern at Holman Enterprises.

ASHLEY PARHAM (Class of ‘24) worked as a launch intern with EY.

LILY TRANCAT (Class of ‘22) interned at U.S. Bank.


Columbia University

JULIANA FROES (Class of ‘23) completed an internship at Bank of America.


CUNY Hunter College

AMELIA ROSE LOO (Class of ‘22) worked as an underwriting intern at Liberty Mutual Insurance and as a student ambassador, doing online tours.

HELENA MACRIGIANE (Class of ‘23) interned in asset management at TCW through the Girls Who Invest Summer Intensive Program.


George Washington University

ASHLEY HELRICH (Class of ‘24) worked on a program for Goldman Sachs.

MADISON BARRETT (Class of ‘22) interned at Citibank in their Internal Audit Division as a summer analyst and assisted the SHIP ESCAPE Program at Georgetown for the Class of 2024.


Howard University

STEPHANIE OKAFOR  (Class of ‘23) interned as a summer analyst with Goldman Sachs.


Hunter University

JENNA SONG  (Class of ‘23) took a summer class in Romantic poetry.

ODETA ZEKA  (Class of ‘23) interned at Tradeweb.


Indiana University – Bloomington

ZOE JENKINS (Class of ‘22) worked as an equity research analyst intern at RW Baird.


Johns Hopkins University

JI CHAN (Class of ‘22) participated in a CFA Accelerator program.

KAITLYN DUONG (Class of ‘23) 


Michigan State University

SERENA CHUNG (Class of ‘23) worked as a marketing intern for Century 21 Looking Glass.


New York University

NISHA PATEL  (Class of ‘23) spent time training with the Girls Who Invest Online Intensive Program.


Purdue University

MAHAK BANDI  (Class of ‘22) spent the summer as a marketing analyst intern at PayPal.


Rice University

KOMAL VIRANI  (Class of ‘23)


Rutgers University

ROSHNI DESAI  (Class of ‘24) interned with a startup called SuperWorld.

PARNIKA ANAND  (Class of ‘23) worked as a sales and trading summer analyst at Morgan Stanley.

BHAAVI PATEL  (Class of ‘22) worked as a logistics intern on the eCommerce and Efficiencies team at Colgate-Palmolive.

ABIGAIL LEUNG  (Class of ‘24) interned at the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve. She also participated in the 2021 “Idea Explorer” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Online Summer Program hosted by Rutgers University and Zhejiang University’s School of Management.

HEMANI PATEL  (Class of ‘23) worked as an Information Technology Summer Analyst at Fiserv, Inc.


Smith College

GLORY UGWU  (Class of ‘23) worked as a support intern at TIBCO Software Inc. She is also a Social Entrepreneur Corps Fellow.

CHI QIU  (Class of ‘24) interned at Harvard College Association for US-China Relations (HCAUSCR), where she focused on redesigning the social activities of HSYLC 2021 and engaged in building the HCAUSCR alumni networks.

ADITI SHARMA  (Class of ‘24) was a summer fellow at Nike Innovation Labs, where she worked in business development.


Spelman College

CAROLINE WHITFIELD (Class of ‘23) worked out of J.P. Morgan’s Los Angeles office as an Advancing Black Pathways Fellow in commercial real estate.

GIA TEJEDA (Class of ‘23) worked as a capital markets summer analyst at JLL.


The American University

SAKSHI AGRAWAL (Class of ‘22) worked as a part-time marketing intern at IFortis Corporate and worked full-time as a marketing manager at Cosmo Valley Real Estate Company. 


Tufts University

REBECCA LIM (Class of ‘24) worked as an equity investment intern, focusing on pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 



UNC Chapel Hill

KATIE BURLESON (Class of ‘23) interned for AGB Consulting as a strategy analyst and interned for Official as a marketing analyst.


University of Chicago

HANNAH DUBINSKI (Class of ‘22) worked as a college to corporate business intern at Vanguard, in education savings. She also participated in a study abroad course in Florence.

XIMENA PACHECO (Class of ‘23) interned for Girls Who Invest and completed an internship at PIMCO.

HAILEY KLINGER (Class of ‘23) interned in commercial real estate at SVN Chicago Commercial and participated in the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp.


University of Maryland, College Park

IMIKAN UKPONG (Class of ‘22) worked as a markets summer analyst at JP Morgan.

GRACE VAETH (Class of ‘22) worked as human resources business management intern at T. Rowe Price in Baltimore. She also maintained two on-campus positions: event manager and career advising intern.


University of Michigan

BREANA ANG (Class of ‘23) 

ARIA OLESHANSKY (Class of ‘24) interned at a wealth management company.


University of New Hampshire

LAIR CARROLL (Class of ‘23) interned with the University of New Hampshire Paul College and worked full-time at a country club.


University of Notre Dame

MADDIE NIEKELSKI (Class of ‘23) worked as an investment banking summer analyst at Strategic Exit Advisors.

KAYLA SEEPERSAD (Class of ‘24) worked as a writer for a documentary. She also worked as a research and messaging assistant for a small business.


University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School

YAN ZHANG (Class of ‘22) 


University of Rochester

NGHI (STEPHANIE) VO (Class of ‘23) worked as a finance intern.

YIYAN CHEN (Class of ‘23) worked with a startup, managing an investment portfolio.

VIA KONG (Class of ‘23) interned at Nfluence Partners and participated in GWI’s Online Intensive Scholar program.

VAARYA SRIVASTAVA (Class of ‘23) interned at a bank in India.


University of Texas at Austin

SHIH HAN (NINI) KUO (Class of ‘24) took summer classes and participated in the Creative Leadership Program with E4 Youth.


University of Virginia

GIULIANA REJALAGA  (Class of ‘23) spent the summer in UVA’s MBI Business Fundamentals program.


Vanderbilt University 

CARYS LI  (Class of ‘23) took online courses, participated in the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series, and worked in the library.

JESSICA ROY (Class of ‘24) worked a part-time job in her hometown.


Washington University in St.Louis

LISA HAN (Class of ‘23) worked as an explore intern at Microsoft, focused on program management and software engineering. She was also a business consultant at Accu-Glass over the summer.

RIYA DAFTARY (Class of ‘24) worked as director of strategy for FanBasis. She is currently on the marketing team for DormDrop, a new college campus-based company at WashU.


William & Mary 

MAEVE MARSH (Class of ‘23) interned in International Marketing and Strategy at PBS in their distribution unit.


Yale University

EMMA BUCAJ (Class of ‘24) took a summer language class and participated in the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series.

ALICIA PAN (Class of ‘23) was a finance intern in New York City.

SUSAN CHEN (Class of ‘22) worked as a summer analyst at Bain Capital Private Equity.


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