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Ask an MBA: What MBA Courses are Trending?

Financial accounting and finance are musts, but what MBA courses are on the horizon? In this month’s edition of the “Ask an MBA” series, almost all of these Forté Fellows see analytics as trending, but learn about the other hot courses taking business schools by storm.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Soft Skills

Courses in sustainability and corporate social responsibility are extremely popular. Organizational Behavior courses are also becoming very important as the business world sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) coming. So-called “soft skills” regarding human behavior and managing people will be increasingly called upon because that is something that can never be managed by AI.

Elizabeth Owens Skidmore, York University (Schulich School of Business), MBA Class of 2019

Data Analytics

Data analytics courses are very popular right now. As big data becomes important in all companies and industries, it is more and more important to be able to glean insights from the data.

– Christina Chavez, University of California – Berkeley (Haas School of Business) MBA Class of 2019

Innovation and Negotiation

Analytics and innovation are the two that are most trendy on campus right now. In addition, every alum that I’ve talked to has recommended taking a negotiations course – that’s next on my list!

– Margaret Fletcher, University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School) MBA Class of 2019


Definitely courses that revolve around data analysis and presentation.

Elizabeth MacLaughlin, University of California – Los Angeles (Anderson School of Management), MBA Class of 2019

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