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London: Home To Diverse And Hotshot Female MBA Applicants

London: the EU’s biggest metropolis; the world’s most-visited tourist destination and home to the busiest international airport system. You may feel overwhelmed by the tube and the traffic, but no one can deny there’s a positive buzz to the city, particularly in the wake of the recent Olympics.

It’s mid-winter, unusually snowy and many London city workers are attempting ‘dry-January’, a post-festive month of alcohol abstinence. Overcoming these minor obstacles (and armed with a glass of white wine) I make my way into a plush conference room buried in the depths of Goldman Sachs’ Fleet Street offices to meet young female MBA aspirants and business schools from across the US and Europe.

Organised by the Forté Foundation, an American non-profit promoting women at business school, this was a Monday evening gathering of serious alpha ladies, looking to push their career up a gear in 2013.

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