Leadership Can Be Learned. Here’s How.

I first heard the expression “Leadership can’t be taught, but it can be learned” while I was working at Wharton. It sounds wise and prophetic, but it’s also a head-scratcher. 

If leadership can’t be taught, how can it be learned? I like to compare it to learning to walk. We look around and see what others are doing. We scoot and crawl. Then, we start to lift ourselves up. As our muscles get stronger, we’re able to take baby steps. The more we practice walking, the better we get. 

Leadership takes practice, too. Learning to lead starts with identifying your current strengths and weaknesses. From there you can build your leadership muscles in different ways, such as developing your interpersonal skills and watching other leaders in action.

Connect with Forté and Level Up as a Leader

Stepping into a leadership role may feel uncomfortable or intimidating at first, so it helps to have support and guidance along the way. As part of Forté’s efforts to get More Women Leading, we  launched Leadership Coach, a series of live webinars where women can discuss leadership, build community, and coach each other. 

Previous leadership coach sessions have focused on leading without authority and how to feel comfortable negotiating. Join us for our next Leadership Coach session to share ideas and best practices. Note: Leadership Coach sessions will not be recorded, because we want everyone to feel free to speak candidly.

Take Charge of Your Future

For more leadership guidance, consider participating in Forté Rise. This three-month virtual program is dedicated to helping mid-career women move their careers forward by focusing on their own leadership strengths. Rise is built on the premise that leadership starts from within. 

Learn from leadership experts and executive coaches as you develop an authentic leadership style that suits your skills and personality. Interested in being part of our next cohort? Apply now

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