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Internship Insider: A Look into the Day-to-Day of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Intern, Pallavi Goculdas

As an undergraduate seeking internship opportunities, it can be valuable to hear from those who have already navigated the process successfully. In this post, we hear from Case Western Reserve University student and JPMorgan Chase & Co. intern, Pallavi Goculdas, who shares insights on what her typical day involves, how she maintains a healthy work-life balance, and how her academic background has prepared her for her role.


What piqued your interest in the company you are fulfilling your internship with?

I interned at JPMorgan Chase & Co. last summer in addition to being a Girls Who Invest Summer Intensive Scholar. I really enjoyed my experience and loved the culture of the firm, so I was very excited about the opportunity to return!


How do you typically start your morning? Do you have a routine? If so, please share more.

Normally I like to set my professional clothes out the night before so it’s easy to get ready in the morning. Additionally, I alternate between working out in the mornings and in the afternoons. I typically get into the office around 7:45am, and start my day with checking my email, reading about the markets, and planning and prioritizing my work.

What does a typical day look like for you in your role as an intern at your company? Give us a breakdown of what an average day looks like from start to finish. If you feel like your day varies, please share more about how your day changes depending on the time of year.

Each day varies, but every day is typically filled with team meetings, short-term and long-term projects, company or division-wide meetings, and intern events.


How would you describe your workload as an intern and do you feel this is pretty standard for your interns within the field?

I am very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to hit the ground running, working on several impactful short-term and long-term projects. I enjoy being able to have a real impact on the team and make meaningful contributions.


What are some ways that you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

It is important for me to maintain the balance between work, social, and exercise. I enjoy maintaining my hobbies after work and on the weekends, such as working out, spending time with family and friends, exploring the city, playing pickleball and tennis, cycling, and trying new restaurants!


What is your major and how do you feel it has prepared you for your internship? What habits do you have that make you more productive?

My majors are Finance and Business Information Technology and my minors are Applied Data Science and Economics. My fields of study have helped me learn a lot about the intersection between finance & markets with analytics & technology, an area I am very passionate about. One habit that makes me more productive is constantly seeking how I can improve my skill-set to help the team, such as by learning new programming languages to help contribute to projects. This is a skill I picked up from being on the varsity women’s tennis team at Case Western, where all of us are seeking to improve our abilities for the betterment of the team. I have also carried my skills from being part of the Girls Who Invest Summer Intensive program, through which I further understood the world of investing and
the value of community, diversity, equity, inclusion, and collaboration.


How do you collaborate with others on a daily basis in your field of work as an intern?

I am the only intern on my team, but I work closely with many executives in my division, which has been an incredible experience. I also collaborate with the full-time analysts on many projects. I have been able to receive a lot of mentorship and guidance from the professionals on my team.


How do you stay inspired?

My motto and inspiration in life is to continuously improve in all facets – whether it is work, tennis or academics each and every day. Additionally, I stay motivated and inspired by my career goals, which are to use capital to make the world a better place and to increase representation in the financial services industry. Lastly, a quote that always stuck out to me was that “Pressure is a privilege” (Billie Jean King), and I use this as a reminder to be grateful for my position and as motivation to be the best I can.

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