Impostor Syndrome: It’s Not Just You

Chances are, if you’ve had some success in your career, you’re familiar with the concept of Impostor syndrome. It’s that feeling that you’re a fraud who doesn’t deserve the things you’ve achieved and that others are eventually going to realize the “truth” about you. 

Jeanne Holmes, Ph.D., Director of Employment Risk & Adjunct Faculty at Duke University (The Fuqua School of Business), is an expert on Impostor syndrome — and she has also struggled with it. In a recent Women Lead webinar, she offered an overview of Impostor syndrome and explained that it can have systemic causes. Organizational culture, leaders’ behaviors, and other external factors often contribute to Impostor syndrome.  

If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, watch it on demand. If possible, watch it with a few friends or colleagues so you can talk about it together afterward. Share your experiences with Impostor syndrome and discuss how the webinar prepared you to tackle it in the future. Download the discussion guide for some questions to get you started. 

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