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How We Can Put More Women in the MBA Pipeline – Fortune

elissa-sangsterA recent story in the Wall Street Journal reported that business schools are concerned that “the pipeline of young women may be running dry,” thanks to a drop in the overall number of students who are interested in getting an MBA. According to the Journal, some schools are reacting to the potential shortage of female applicants by reaching out to undergraduates, and in some cases, even high-school or grade-school students.

While I was pleased to read about these efforts, the reality is that business schools can’t do it alone. In my experience, parents, professors and college career officers are not speaking to women early enough about considering a career in business. When young women start thinking about a future in business early on, they can smooth their path to success. Thinking ahead will help them pick the right major, get the right internships, and take other important steps that will set them up for a promising career.

Here’s what I recommend for young women who think they may have an MBA in their future.

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