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How to Become a Blogger in College

I am a blogger for RUckmakers, a Rutgers University blog whose mission is to “inspire and encourage revolutionary thoughts and ideas” by providing insightful articles on news most relevant to college students. I joined the organization in my freshman year and I am now in my second year blogging for the site – my experience has been informative and our audience has grown immensely. When I joined the organization, it was a fledgling site but now it has expanded with new members and has also gained visibility on campus.

Why Blog

Blogging is a great way to get involved on campus and accordingly many colleges have organizations that allow students the opportunity to write. These blogs may be centered on general news, campus news, or something entirely different.

In this modern age, print media is becoming antiquated with decreasing readers but blogs have been gaining audiences as a way to receive news more quickly. While there are college newspapers, the convenience of getting information in one place and from anywhere in the world cannot be understated.

Find a Place to Contribute

How do you become a blogger? In my case, all I had to do was show interest in the organization and a commitment to writing articles throughout the semester in order to join the staff. Mind you, it was a new organization that had not yet become fully established but as long as you have a desire to write and an ability to reach tight deadlines, then as a college student, you should have no trouble writing for a blog.

Blogging has made me more likely to keep up with news and now I am always on the prowl looking for tidbits that people in my generation would like to hear about. It has also made me become a better writer with the ability to write concisely and simply without meandering – a useful skill in any occupation.

Make Your Own Blog

If your college campus doesn’t have a blog then don’t fret, start one yourself. There’s no better way to gain leadership skills then spearheading your own organization. This opportunity also allows you plenty of independence in developing an organization that you have always wanted to create and about the type of things you are interested in writing about.

You will gain invaluable skills in the business world by starting, organizing, and managing your own organization. Without a doubt, this experience will also be of use in sprucing up your resume while gaining experience doing something you are passionate about.

Blogging is an excellent extracurricular activity and if you would like to become a blogger then you have the means to become one. Happy blogging!

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