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Handling Discrepancies in Your Resume or Transcript

As you go through the application process for business school it probably seems like each program wants to know every detail about your life…and they do! Each admissions team wants to understand YOUR personal story and they want to know how you can add value to their program.

If you have any discrepancies on your resume or transcript don’t try to hide them. You can’t change your transcript, so be honest and give a reason why your undergraduate GPA might have slipped one semester or why you didn’t do as well in a particular course. Maybe you were more involved in volunteering that semester or dedicated more of your time to leading a team or group – just be honest.

If you have a low GMAT score you might want to consider re-taking the exam. If you are unable to re-take the GMAT, show the admissions team that you have the analytical and qualitative skills necessary to succeed in the program. You could do this by taking a summer accounting, finance, or English course at a local community college prior to starting business school to show you are proactive and ready for the quantitative and qualitative classes.

While you will undoubtedly showcase all of your strengths on your resume and transcript, don’t shy away from discussing your weaknesses. For each discrepancy or weakness, let the admissions team know that you have a plan for improvement!

Liz Schaab, Forté Fellow
MBA 2014, SMU Cox School of Business

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