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Get Into The Stretch Zone!

Melissa Lopez LBS 2015

Melissa Lopez
LBS 2015

Choosing to leave the comforts of my hometown in the US to obtain my MBA internationally was the first step.  Within the first week at London Business School orientation, I was attending briefings on working in global teams, discussing stereotypes, and learning a lot about my own unique leadership style.  It has been an eye-opening experience to hear such a fresh perspective on relevant issues, and personally, I already feel much more confident and capable than before.

Other stretch zone experiences that I have had in this short time include: facing my fear of heights during orientation as part of the infamous “Away Day,” joining the Women’s Rugby team, running for Academic Rep, and juggling A LOT of social events with the rigorous coursework.  Even just going to a new and strange place and forcing yourself to get out there and make new friends is a valuable experience.  Business School is a place where you will learn about yourself and build capacities you never thought you had.  No matter what your prior experience, you have so much to contribute!   Lastly, if you choose to go to school domestically, definitely take advantage of the global opportunities they provide; it will make the experience much richer.   If you are on the fence about b-school, I recommend you go for it, get in the stretch zone, and never look back.  You won’t regret it!

Melissa Lopez
MBA Candidate 2015
London Business School

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