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Gaining MBA Momentum from MBALaunch on Demand

Sarah-VickMy MBA story started a long time ago, but it wasn’t until I joined the MBALaunch On Demand program that it really got some momentum.

As an entry-level consultant, getting an MBA was always “on the radar” so to speak, but for a long time I was not sure that it was the right move for me. I have a technical background and thought that entering industry or getting a master’s degree might enable me to get more traction amongst my fellow scientists and engineers.

After much debating and dozens of conversations with colleagues and mentors, I realized that an MBA would further empower me to do what I have always loved doing – helping others be the absolute best that the can be.

Clay Christensen said it himself, “No occupation other [than management] offers as many ways to help others learn and grow, take responsibility and be recognized for achievement, and contribute to the success of a team.” With that sentiment in mind, I decided to apply to business school just over one year ago now.

In many ways, the decision to apply for business school was the easy part. Once the decision was made, there were a thousand and one things to think about, plan for, and keep track of.

From my own perspective, the process seemed daunting and at times overwhelming. I had a full schedule even without the application process and I knew that I did not have the discipline to hold myself to a schedule, even if I could figure out what it should be. This is where the MBALaunch On Demand program came in.

As I continued to travel for work every week and pull long hours with new clients, the MBALaunch programming kept me on top of my MBA applications.

The first component of the On Demand program was a strong GMAT training sequence. Right away, my application process received the kick-start it needed.

The study plan kept me on track and the video sessions could be completed on my own schedule.I was able to measure my own progress with the sample tests right up until I completed my official test and scored above the mean for my top choice school.

Once I had completed the GMAT, the MBALaunch On Demand program provided additional tools for thinking about potential career paths and crafting my story for applications. Along the way, I received consistent communication from Forté with inspirational testimonies and updates on specific up-coming MBA events. Events like the MBA Panel I attended in Seattle helped me gain additional insights into my own MBA plans.

All in all, I would highly recommend the MBALaunch On Demand program for anyone, but especially to those women who may not have ample time and a predictable schedule.

As I look forward to starting at my first choice school in the fall, I count Forté and the MBALaunch On Demand program as one of my key enablers.

Sarah Vick is a passionate problem solver, working to advance emerging technologies through strategy and management. A graduate of Stanford University and a Fulbright Scholar, Sarah launched her professional career in consulting with Keystone Strategy focusing on developing digital strategies and data-driven solutions for Fortune 100 clients. Sarah was a part of MIT Sloan’s MBA Class of 2017.

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