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Forté Plays a Critical Role in the Lives of MBA Students

Sarah-WishahyForté Foundation played a critical role in elucidating the true value of an MBA for my future and providing me the encouragement needed to take the plunge and apply.

Though I could be an excellent candidate for a study on impulsivity, my decision to apply for an MBA was a drawn out and methodical, 3 year process.

The seed was first planted when a former professor suggested that many of his students moved on to pursue MBAs. At the time, the thought of more schooling did not enthrall me, so I continued on to the corporate world to garner experience (and a sorely needed paycheck). A year later, the brief but impactful conversation resurfaced and I began preliminary research to understand what an MBA entailed.

While scouring the internet for information on MBA programs, I serendipitously came across Forté Foundation and its free webinars for women in the workplace looking to harness personal power and advance their position both professionally and personally. During my lunch breaks, I would open the webinars to listen and engage with inspiring women who had previously found themselves in my shoes – looking to do more but needing direction.

Becoming a member of the Forté Foundation connected me with an array of women eager to share their stories and advocate for women’s advancement in the workplace. I could see myself in their tales, particularly in listening to the webinars discussing non-traditional backgrounds and how women were harnessing their unique perspectives to add value in the classroom.

Over the next year and a half, while facing significant life events and personal transitions, I toiled over GMAT studies and applications with the focus inspired by these women.

It was a Thursday morning when I got the call that I had been accepted to Simon Business School, University of Rochester, where I was invited to become a Forté Fellow. Forté provided me not only resources but both the confidence and trajectory during my pre-MBA journey.

I am now six months into my studies, and through the Forté network I have interacted with many successful business women and companies looking to advance the next generation of women in the workplace. With the continued guidance and support of Forté, I am well on my way to seeing my aspirations come to fruition.

Sarah Wishahy is a Forté Fellow and will graduate in 2018 from the Simon School of Business. When not nursing her caffeine dependency, she can often be found out in the wilderness documenting the adventures of her maine coon sidekick.

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