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Focus on School, Even During Winter Break

Class is out for a month – it is a time to relax and recharge after all the hard work and effort of the fall semester and accordingly many students choose to spend this time with their families for the holidays. But, they may also utilize this time to keep up with their studies or focus on their career goals. Being productive is a great way to keep yourself ahead so here are some ways to keep up your studies and career goals over Winter Break.

Take some winter classes

Many schools offer a winter session to advance your academic goals in an intensive and personalized setting, meaning that there are small class sizes, and classes usually meet every day. This is a perfect time to catch up or fulfill some prerequisites for classes you wish to take in the spring. It’s also a perfect way to reduce your spring course load.


Another way to keep yourself busy over winter break is to secure an internship. The internship allows you a chance to gain experience in the career you wish to pursue after college. Some schools even grant academic credit for the internship. It is also easier to focus on the internship without the pressure of attending classes and working.

Get ready for the spring semester

There are many events offered at universities for business school students such as career fairs, employer information sessions, and networking events. In order to prepare for these, you should polish up your business suit or purchase a new one. It’s also a great idea to prepare your elevator speech and update your resume.

Get Ahead in your Spring Classes

During the winter break, instructors often post syllabi and required textbooks for their classes. If you know exactly what material will be covered in the class, then it doesn’t hurt to read ahead so you know what to expect in the course and also so you won’t have too much work during the spring semester with readings for other classes to worry about.

Get a seasonal job

Many college students opt to get a job during winter break to save money for the spring semester and for the financial independence that a job grants them. There are many businesses that are hiring during the winter especially during the holiday season.

Read a book

Whether it be something about “how to interview” or about “furthering your career ambitions” or even a New York Times bestseller, reading a book is a great activity to promote an active and healthy mind. During the school year, reading becomes a rarity but during winter break, you have full leisure to indulge your reading hobby.

These are some ways to spend a productive winter break but don’t forget to set aside time to enjoy it also!


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