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Elizabeth Schaab

Fellows of the Month: Elizabeth Schaab

Elizabeth SchaabGeorgia State University, Marketing, 2009
SMU Cox School of Business, 2014
Hometown: Friendswood, TX
Pre-MBA Work Experience: 3 years in Marketing with Arby’s Restaurant Group

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?
My decision to pursue an MBA came from my desire to understand how finance and strategy decisions are made to help run and grow a business.  I want to be able to pair this knowledge with my marketing background to pursue a career in financial services with the goal of starting my own business one day.

What advice do you have for women who are considering business school?
My #1 piece of advice for women who are considering business school is RESEARCH!  Do research not only on types of programs and schools, but more importantly, on yourself.  Why do you want to go to business school?  What are your hopes, dreams, and goals during school and when you graduate?   Do some soul searching and start networking early.  I suggest reaching out to the Graduate Women in Business Club at each program and speaking to those women about what it’s like to be a woman in business school.

What’s the most surprising you learned about business school during the application process?
The most surprising thing I learned about business school during the application process is that it takes a lot of organization and support to be successful.  Managing all of the applications, transcripts, interviews and campus visits can be exhausting…especially when you’re working full-time!  I encourage anyone going through the process to ask for help when needed and be persistent in your research!

Do you feel prepared for business school?
No!  I was surprised by how busy my schedule quickly became between juggling classes, joining clubs, and networking for a summer internship.  They say it’s like “drinking from a fire hose” and that’s exactly how I felt!  No matter how much you prepare, you probably won’t know how you perform in this environment until you actually experience it.  Keeping a positive attitude and staying confident in your abilities is the key to being successful in any business school program.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m a former D1 athlete and sports fanatic so you’ll usually find me on the intramural soccer fields or sand volleyball courts during a study break!

Please share something about your experience with Forté.
Forté has been an instrumental resource throughout my MBA journey.  I attended a Forté Forum event in Atlanta, GA before I took the GMAT or knew what schools I was applying to.  I heard from admissions panels and successful women who had recently earned their MBA.  Throughout my application process, Forté became a go-to resource for me.

Once accepted into business school, I attended Forté’s Annual Conference which prepared me to walk onto campus with confidence and with a plan.  I was also able to network with companies at the Career Expo and meet other women who were also starting business school this fall.

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