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Noam Avidov

Forté Fellow of the Month: Noam Avidov

Noam Avidov

Noam Avidov

Tel Aviv University, Economics & Management, 2012
University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2015
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Pre-MBA Work Experience: Citibank Israel – Senior Operations Specialist; Infantry Sergeant – Israel Defense Forces

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?
After gaining experience in a multinational bank I wanted to pursue an international career. I felt that my international experience and relations were somewhat limited in my current position and location. In addition, after working for many years in the operational and technological business sides, I needed broader business knowledge and expertise. That is why I decided to pursue an MBA in the US, which will provide me greater opportunities. An MBA will allow me to challenge myself academically and professionally, and will help me shape my leadership style and vision.

I decided to go to Booth in order to learn from the brightest minds, to develop professionally with the greatest support and direction, and to meet people from diverse backgrounds while enjoying a once in a lifetime experience.

What advice do you have for women who are considering business school?
Define your goals and understand how exactly business school will help you achieve that. You do not necessarily need to have your next ten years planned in advance but remember that b-school is a heavy financial commitment that takes you out of the market for two years. Therefore, make sure that pursuing a MBA fits your future plans.

What’s the most surprising you learned about business school during the application process?
There is no specific profile or background for a MBA candidate – and that is, in my opinion, what makes business schools so challenging and exciting.

Do you feel prepared for business school?
Yes, though I expect the unexpected. After talking to dozens of students and alumni, I know the next two years will be exciting and transforming as well as exhausting.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy practicing Yoga, cooking, travelling and learning new languages and cultures.

What would you tell your younger self about the MBA application process and being an MBA student?
The application process may seem daunting and it does require a great amount of your time. But you will learn a lot about yourself doing the process. Be confident about your story and your goals and bring your own unique voice.

Please share something about your experience with Forté.
Even before I started business school officially, Forté’s representatives helped me with each of my requests, and connected me with great Fellows that helped me prepare for school and for the recruitment stage.

Business schools encourage variety of opinions and perceptions. If you are an international student like me, remember that you should not only learn from others but also contribute from your own personal experience. Do not try to cover up your cultural background or match it to the common perspective. Instead, share your approach with your peers and be open minded to others. You will find that doing so is very enriching and rewarding.

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