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Forté Intern, Isabella Nally’s Guide to Making the Most of Forté

From attending conferences to completing the Career Ready Certificate program, Isabella Nally was able to thrive throughout her professional development journey by using Forté’s resources. Read more about how Isabella connected with professionals from different fields and expanded her network of supportive women, leading to a job offer and how she’s taking her career to the next step after college.

How did you hear about Forté?

From Bain & Company while applying to their internship!


What has your experience been with Forté? (Conferences, webinars, Forté women in business clubs, etc.)

Forté is the best!! I’ve loved everything from attending the CBL (Campus to Business Leadership) Conference to completing the Career Ready Certificate, Forté has heavily contributed to my professional development. I’ve been able to connect with undergraduates, MBA students, and professionals through Forté that each impacted my career journey in some way whether it be helping me with case interview preparation or sharing their own personal connections. Forté truly provided me with an extensive network of incredible women that want to see me succeed.


How did you hear about Forté’s career ready certificate program?

I read about it on Forté’s website!


What motivated you to complete the certificate?

I was hoping to differentiate myself from my fellow candidates by taking advantage of such an incredible opportunity. I was really drawn in by seeing that this program was crafted in partnership with Forté’s corporate partners and became excited to learn new skills that would prepare me for the professional world.


What was your experience like with the certificate program?

I thoroughly enjoyed the certificate. My favorite aspects of the program were the discussion posts and recordings. It was fun to engage with the discussion topics, but I really enjoyed getting to read other’s posts and see such diverse perspectives. The recordings typically involved professionals from different companies and backgrounds, so I learned a lot from the advice and tips that they shared, especially as someone who at the time was about to start my first consulting internship.


What are your plans for after college? How did the certificate program and/or Forté influence your career and professional network?

I will be joining L.E.K. Consulting as an Associate next fall. When I attended the CBL Conference, there were a couple LEKers present that I was able to connect with. Prior to this, I had never been exposed to L.E.K., so getting to chat with them really opened my eyes to what a career with them would realistically look like. After I got my job offer, I had multiple of those women reach out personally to congratulate me which made it even more special to know I already have such supportive women in my corner as soon as I start, and it’s all thanks to Forté.


What advice do you have for other undergrads who might be interested in joining Forté?

Do it!! Forté has drastically impacted my career journey, but beyond that has given me an extensive network of women who want to see me win. On top of that, Forté can expose you to fields and opportunities you may not have previously explored while putting you in front of professionals who are ready to answer any questions you throw at them. If you are nervous to join or attend any events, throw caution to the wind and register!! When I attended the CBL Conference, I came from a non-partner university and did not know a single person in attendance, yet I left with a strong network of fellow undergraduates, connections at some of the most prestigious companies, and a sense of self-confidence and pride in myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and absolutely running with it. I promise you will not regret joining this powerful organization.


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