Donors Making a Difference: Bridget Weishaar

bridget-weishaarMorningstar, Inc., Equity Analyst; The Shaare, Founder; and Forté Fellow, Alumna

Forté Fellow Alumna (2006) Bridget Weishaar is a Senior Consumer Discretionary Equity Analyst at Morningstar, Inc., and founder of The Shaare, an online business journal containing the top business stories of the week, personal stories of women who blazed interesting career paths, and insights from creators of the hottest women-run businesses.

Before earning her MBA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, she began her career as a high school biology teacher and spent six years in education. Her post-MBA experience includes seven years working as a stock analyst for Bear, Stearns, J.P. Morgan, and Morningstar.

Learn why she’s given back to Forté throughout her inspiring career, including as a donor in our new Leadership Circle.

What inspired you to get an MBA?

I recognized many problems when I was working in education. I could come up with solutions, but I wasn’t in a position to change anything.

My goal in getting my MBA was to gain the power, knowledge, and network necessary to ensure I wasn’t just a doer or dreamer—I wanted to be a solver.

How did Forté help?

Forté literally changed my life. My Forté Fellowship made all difference in the world, on two levels:

  1. It signaled that somebody believed in me. I was a teacher headed to business school with investment bankers. It was empowering to be accepted into business school, let alone to have an organization back me.
  2. The financial support increased my confidence that I could afford an MBA. It was a scary time: I’d never been without a job. I was financially independent, but I didn’t have a savings account because I was teaching.

What are you doing now?

The real power of an MBA is that it gives you the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want—and write your own story in life.

At Morningstar, I’m the lead analyst on apparel stocks. I research companies, talk to management, value companies, and pitch ideas. I’m good at research and comfortable presenting in simplistic terms from my time as a teacher, so stock analyst roles have been great matches.

Outside of my ‘day job,’ I’m founder of The Shaare, a business journal written for, by, and about women. We launched to make the stock market more accessible to women, and we’re growing to feature: 1. financial advice tailored to women; 2. the hottest women-run businesses; and 3. career tips for women.

I’ve always wanted to do an entrepreneurial project, and this marries teaching with business.

Why do you support Forté financially?

The financial support I received through my Forté Fellowship made a real difference. If I can give that gift to another woman who wants to change her life, I’ll write that check in a heartbeat.

Forté also allows you to build and share your network. I’ve been an MBALaunch coach and advisor, and spoken at pre-MBA events. I encourage pre-MBA women to reach out to speakers and alumnae because we want to help.

Four reasons Bridget was attracted to Wall Street, post-MBA:

  1. Training programs: The firms were set up to teach me the skills I needed.
  2. CEO-level exposure: When I’m evaluating companies, I’m asking CEOs big questions and learning how to operate a business from the top leaders in the world.
  3. Money: I paid off my high interest student loans in a year, then started a savings account.
  4. Different and challenging work: I got braver as my career progressed and I wanted to see if I could cut it.




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