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Creating Confidence and a New Career With My MBA

Deciding to get an MBA is a decision I will never regret. Prior to business school, I worked for a digital marketing agency as an Account Manager for automotive clients. I enjoyed my work and had the opportunity to be immersed in the digital world learning about the newest technologies.

You know those people who “are paid play on Facebook all day?” Well, I was more or less one of them. My job was fun, exciting and rewarding, but there came a time when I started to seriously think about my future and I knew I needed to make a change to meet my long term goals.

Unlike many MBA students, I’m not a traditional career switcher. I really enjoyed marketing and wanted to grow my career. Instead of making more tactical decisions in a narrow function at the agency, I wanted to manage the larger strategy on the client side for consumer brands.

Sometimes employees at agencies can move to brand management roles, but I knew without an MBA, my career progression would be limited.

What I didn’t realize is that by obtaining my MBA, I’d gain so many more skills than I ever expected. In the long term, most professionals aren’t actually performing functional tasks on a day-to-day basis. Instead leadership, communication, and management skills become utilized most often. Most MBA programs have robust training in these areas to prepare you for your long term career.

Business school has already provided me with the opportunity to diversify my skill set and become more marketable across various functions, industries and geographies.

I had the opportunity to intern at Johnson & Johnson during the summer after my first year in the MBA program. I am excited to be going back after I graduate. Although I had no healthcare experience previously, Johnson & Johnson was confident in me because of the valuable training I was getting as an MBA student.

In years to come I expect to benefit from my MBA because of the knowledge I gained, alumni I’m connected to, and invaluable leadership experiences along the way.

Stephanie Moore is an MBA student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business graduating in May of 2017. She will be joining Johnson & Johnson as an Associate Brand Manager after graduation.

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