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Craving More Creativity, Former Consultant Now Licenses Netflix Kids’ Content

Chantel Miller

  • Content Executive, Kids and Family Acquisitions and Originals – Netflix
  • University of Southern California Marshall School of Business (MBA, 2013)
  • Spelman College (BA, Economics, 2006)

After five years serving government and financial services clients at Accenture, Chantel Miller pivoted to a new industry to fulfill a dream while still applying her analytical consulting skills. With a career in entertainment in sight, Chantel strategically chose the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business for her MBA. After three years at OnPrem Solution Partners, an entertainment consulting firm, she landed at Netflix where she helps to distribute kids and family programming around the world. It’s a job that allows her to be part of something that impacts children’s daily lives, exposing them to the world through storytelling.


Being loyal and comfortable should not be more important than loving what you do every day.



Tell me about your current role at Netflix and what you enjoy about it.

I am on the kids and family acquisition team where we license TV shows and movies for kids of all ages and backgrounds. Kids and family content is a happy vibe, and I find myself smiling when I watch it.

While programming kids and family content from all over the world is already a fulfilling job, I also enjoy attending pitches and occasional licensing summits where we get to connect with our content partners. Maintaining strong relationships with our partners is a very important part of the role, and it’s a skill I honed during my consulting days.

What attracted you to the media and entertainment industry?

We live among different cultures, and we don’t always see that depicted on screen. I always wanted to be part of something that exposes people to different types of stories with impact. Developing content is fun – and, unless I hit the lottery, I want to be doing something fun for work every day.

After graduating from Spelman with an economics degree, you started your career at Accenture. How did you pivot from consulting to entertainment?

I chose economics because it seemed like a good stepping stone for many different avenues, from entrepreneurship to economic public policy. I chose consulting in a similar way: I was not sure exactly what it was, but I knew I would learn a heck of a lot. There was so much challenge and variety in consulting. I originally focused on government clients in Washington, DC then switched to financial services when I transferred to New York. When I could not see myself sticking with it forever, I started looking into entertainment.


Why did you make earning an MBA a part of your journey, and how did you choose USC?

Even before going to college, I thought I would get another degree eventually because I wanted more tools under my belt. One of the biggest tools for career growth is confidence, and a rigorous MBA program gives you that. The MBA also exposed me to a world I didn’t know much about, including people and career opportunities. Because I have family in New York, I originally thought I would only apply to NYU and Columbia, but I knew if I wanted to get into entertainment, USC was the best school for me. I 100% moved to California and chose USC to leverage its cinematic arts school and for its proximity to entertainment companies for internships.


The MBA exposed me to a world I didn’t know much about, including people and career opportunities.


Do you have any career advice?

An MBA helps you know your worth, and you can move on if you don’t feel satisfied. Be sure to check in with yourself and reflect on your choices regularly. Being loyal and comfortable should not be more important than loving what you do every day.

Why did you want to be part of this campaign?

Forté’s mission aligns with my passions. It’s important to expose women to different career paths, and an MBA can open up a lot of options. I absolutely love mentoring and look forward to gaining new mentees who are pursuing MBAs and/or navigating the entertainment industry.

Personal interests:
In middle school, I played the piano, and I still have a keyboard. I’m currently learning to play an Ariana Grande song. I am also learning Spanish with the Duo Lingo app and would like to make time for voice acting and get back into dancing, something I did when I was younger.

Book recommendation:
Presence by Amy Cuddy helps you understand your personal power and encourages you to bring your best self to every moment.

Song that makes her turn up the volume:
“Moment for Life” by Nicki Minaj

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