Considering a Career in Investment Management?

This webinar is sponsored by the CFA Institute.

Few professions do more to impact our global economy than investment management. It is a profession that demands intelligence, an analytical mindset, and hard work, but also requires a strong ethical compass. CFA Institute helps to develop future investment management professionals through relevant and accessible credentialing programs. In this webinar, we will hear from Lisa Plaxco, CFA, CIPM, Head, CFA Program as she describes her journey in the investment industry and offers tips for assessing opportunities in this field. We’ll explore:

  • Game changers and trends facing the industry
  • Where opportunities are expanding or contracting and how they may influence your future career
  • Characteristics needed for success and
  • Advice for those interested in pursuing a career in investment management

This webinar is facilitated by:

Lisa Plaxco, CFA, CIPM
Head, CFA Program
CFA Institute

Wanda McClenahan, CAE
Director, Business Operations, Credentialing
CFA Institute

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