Congratulations Class of 2021!

Forté is thrilled to congratulate the undergraduate class of 2021. Commencement may look a bit different this year — your ceremony may be virtual or hybrid — but it’s important to celebrate this accomplishment. Your undergraduate experience involved many unexpected challenges, but you found the strength to make it through. We couldn’t be more excited for you. As you take the next steps on your journey, here are a few words of advice from your classmates:

“Be bold, aim high, get up early and get after it!” – Olivia West, Purdue University

“Get involved early on and develop your network!” – Sri Narayanan, Rutgers University

Graduation Cap Design Contest Winners

This year, Forté held its second Graduation Cap Design Contest, and our impressive community of undergraduate women went above and beyond with their designs. Sindy Chen, Class of ’21 at Hunter College, was our grand prize winner! Here’s a photo of her winning cap:

Our two runners-up are D’Kiya Bynum, University of Maryland, and Laiba Khan, University of Houston.

A Message from Sindy Chen

Coming from an immigrant household and especially as a middle child, it is easy to get lost in the mix of the crowd. When I first entered college, I remember feeling my lowest, unsure where I would fit in and what I would go on to pursue. It wasn’t till my sophomore year of college when I started getting more involved with clubs and organizations on campus that I started to feel sufficient enough. In my junior year of college, I became one of the first FAMbassadors of Hunter College as well as vice president of one of Hunter’s business clubs. This allowed me to feel like I found my home away from home.

I found a place where I am able to grow as an individual while helping other students explore and learn more about the industry, students who may have also been in the same position I once was.

Even in the most crowded places and the darkest times, especially given the last year, it is always important to remember to “Shine Your Brightest”.

The pieces around the saying on my cap are made of CD bits and pieces as a representation of all the little bits and parts of the people and the events that have contributed to who I am today. I chose CD shards as my medium as CD shards reflect in the sun, an indication of shining my brightest through the help of those around me.

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