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College & COVID-19: Staying Determined While Everything is on Hold

Since the day I got my first job in high school, I have enjoyed living a busy life. Yes, I am simply just one of those people who thrives off of a busy lifestyle. I am way more likely to get things done when I have a tight schedule that day than if I have nothing to do all day. I noticed this specifically after my first year of college.

I had always been a good student in high school, and when I got into Ohio State, I had a big wake-up call. I didn’t do nearly as well my first semester in college as I had hoped I would. I focused hard my second semester to find and fix the problems that lead to my struggles my first semester. I realized what I had already known deep down I do better when I am busy.

I joined more clubs, received some leadership positions, took more credit hours, and ended up getting a great GPA that semester. We all work differently especially when it comes to classwork, jobs, focus, and our schedules. I know what I need to succeed and I have been doing my best to keep that up.

Before COVID-19 was in full swing, I was taking almost 18 credit hours, working 20 hours a week, and holding large leadership roles in two different large organizations on campus. So as you can imagine, finding the focus and determination in quarantine to keep up the grades and other commitments I had is hard for me.

I am struggling to find the motivation to even watch my lecture videos, much less participate in virtual conferences, keep up to date on the latest business trends, and get involved with my different clubs and organizations. I know that I am not nearly the only one feeling like this. I am so aware that many people are worse off than I am, but I think that we are all allowed to mourn the loss of our normal lives in our own way.

I worked super hard this past year to land an internship for this summer. I am still waiting to hear about the outcome of whether or not we will be able to continue with the internship.

I am so lucky to have the support group of friends and family that I do, but it is heartbreaking to hear all of their sorrows as well. College students are at such an important times in their lives that a disruption lasting a few months can disrupt their lives for the  next couple of years. I have friends who can’t graduate on time, can’t take the LSTAT, MCAT, etc. that they have been studying for, or can’t walk across the stage at graduation.

I am trying my best to help my friends and remind them that we are all in this together. It’s taken me a few weeks, maybe even a month in quarantine, to find my motivation and determination again. Everyone is different and needs different goals and motivation for themselves individually, but that’s what I am doing.

My name is Kylie Gambone and I am a sophomore business student at Ohio State with minors in public policy and theatre. I have a strong passion for advocating for women but specifically in the field of business. I am hoping to combine all my passions to go into consulting after graduation.

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